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Continuous HSV1 outbreaks

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I’ve had HSV1 probably for a few years now but I got my first outbreak 10 months in my genital area. Since then it’s got worse and worse.

I’m at the point where there’s a constant pain down below. I’m taking valtrex now for the last month, daily. It’s helped with the outbreak but I still have constant pain in my penis. I used to get 3 to 4 outbreaks a month for 10 months. I don’t know how HSV1 can cause so many outbreaks. I thought that’s what HSV2 did?

Part of me wonders if it’s even HSV1. I had red marks around my groin area that appeard around the same time as my first outbreak. Not sure if that was related. 

I don’t really care that I have HSV1... heck 90% of people on this planet have it. Most people don’t know because a lot of people will never know they had it because they get no symptoms. I just want to know for sure what it is. Having 4 outbreaks a month is not normal.

So to my questions:

• is it normal to have HSV1 outbreak 3 to 4 times a month.

• should I still feel pain on my penis even with taking valtrax but no visibal symptoms.

• is anyone else getting so many outbreaks with HSV1?

I’m going to go back to the doctor and get retested. I haven’t even given a urine sample so I wonder if it’s some bacterial infection. Can anyone else think if it could be something else?

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Did they take a swab of it at the time to confirm its HSV1 and not HSV2?

Yes, while GHSV1 is supposed to me milder than HSV2 and oral HSV1, I think it varies person to person so its still possible. I dont think theres any correct answer as to whether its normal to have 3 to 4 HSV1 outbreaks a month because of this - everyones body is different. I've read a lot of stories about people with GHSV1 outbreaks frequently and some who get 1 every few years.

Do your best to be your healthiest and definitely speak to a health professional about what youre experiencing

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They did the blood test and it came up as HSV1. Every time I ask for the culture test they tell me they don’t swab. 

I plan on getting re-tested this week just Incase I got a false positive. I just came to realize I never did a urine sample to check if it’s just a normal bacterial infection.

It’s definitely not one outbreak. It’s healed on its own before. I didn’t start taking valtrex till only a month ago.

its a little weird because when I didn’t take it before I would break out in a matter of a day when I felt symptoms and the pain would go as soon as I have an ob. But now that I take medicine I don’t really break out at all but the pain is almost always there. 

 It all happened when I moved house to a different state. I’ve had skin conditions before. I suffer from dry skin. I had a huge skin condition before my first outbreak. My whole chest was red and extremely sensitive after I slept at a hotel. Once the rednes went the first outbreak happened.  

I will post my future results when I get them.

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I am a 23/f who has been diagnosed via swab with GHSV-1. Every sign points towards it coming from a partners coldsore.

Anyways, I am one of the unlucky ones experiencing frequent outbreaks. I have a minimum of two a month since being diagnosed 7 months ago, they vary in severity but unfortunately I have a lot of discomfort. I started antiviral therapy which has helped lessen the outbreak symptoms but I believe mine are triggered by my period and "vigorous" physical contact, aswell as stress. 

I was told that the first year or two is bad because the body is building up antibodies and we are all different in terms of our immune strength, that's what really keeps the virus at bay. I am also confused at mine being so severe despite what i've heard about this type but again there's no typical with herpes after hearing many peoples stories. There's not much you can do besides take care of yourself. build your immune system up and just try to keep a health mind and body 🙂 stay optimistic 

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