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Still attempting to wrap my head around this entire thing. Need some girl to girl advice. What does everyone use to wash on a daily basis. I feel like I've been super scared to use anything that will cause an outbreak, yet want to make sure to keep things clean. Also, any suggestions or anyone else out there that seems to get an outbreak a few days before their period? It makes me spiral back down every month just when I think I can do this, this really isn't a big deal. Any suggestions and support would be great! ❤️

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I have never had an outbreak that I am aware of, but have apparently been positive for the past 10+ years. I do nothing different in my personal care. I use Neutrogena body wash, and sometimes use a sugar scrub to exfoliate if I have shave bumps the day after shaving. That's it. Nothing special. I also don't do anything special with my diet, I drink alcohol on occasion, and I just don't let it control my life. 

This all said, I only found out in October that I am positive for HSV2, and I know my exposure had to be 10+ years ago because that's the last time I was sexually active in ANY capacity. So, when I found out, I just continued with what I was doing since I am asymptomatic. 

Maybe my advice won't be helpful since I don't have symptoms, but at the same time, it's possible I'm asymptomatic because I just keep on living life and doing nothing different. ?

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I totally understand you! Please know it gets better with time. I used to get more outbreaks and usually right around the time of my period ... double sucks. I've found that with time the number of outbreaks decrease and the severity def decreases as well.

Please look into getting Valtrex or some other suppressant ... it really helps make a big difference (at least does for me). I now get maybe two outbreaks a year and right before I get them I can tell and take medication right away which helps reduce all the symptoms to almost none. 

With respect to cleaning yourself ... I use dr bronner's tea tree oil soap diluted to wash my entire body. Remember that your private area does not need to be washed vigorously, it's pretty much self-cleaning. Dr bronner's doesn't irritate me maybe give that a try. I would stay away from shaving as much as possible and anything that's chemically/scented.

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Thank you so much for all the advice. I'm on valtrex now and read on another forum from a person who had similar issues that they took a double dose right before/during their period even if symptoms were not there just to keep it from happening. Not sure if that's a good choice or not. Thanks for the suggestion on the soap I will have to give that a try. Trying really hard to get to the other side of this and find my calm happy life again but feel like dr's don't always really get it and feel like I just needs mentor. So I really appreciate both of your advice! ❤️ 

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Doctors really don't get it. I understand because to them it's just a skin issue and they know that it's not a big deal but to us the stigma and the OBs really impact life. I wouldn't take Valtrex every time before a period unless you feel that you may be getting an OB only because it does impact your kidneys. I'm pretty good at knowing when I am getting an OB - I get very itchy and supper tingly. As soon as I feel like maybe I am getting an OB I take Valtrex. 

It's been emotionally more draining than anything else on me. I actually went to a psychologist to talk about this and will continue to do so until I feel like I have accepted it. I tried to deal with it on my own but after years I am still distressed whenever I have to disclose to a new partner. (Clearly didn't deal with it correctly just bottled it up.) So now it's time to deal with it properly for me and not for anyone else. I would suggest if you are having a lot of emotional difficulties (depression and anxiety) to make an appointment with a psychologist if you can. I only had one session and already feel a little better. Just talking to someone in real life helps. 

I hope you're doing well!

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When I'm having a breakout I use black african soap.  It seems to be very soothing compared to regular soap.  I lather up with it and leave the soap on for at least a minute before rinsing.   You can find it at walgreens or walmart near the  Burts Bees type merchandise.  Most of my outbreaks are on my inner labia/clitoral or outer urethra area.


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I'm currently on a daily dose of 500mg. I didn't know there's an impact on kidneys. So if this is a life dose, it'll eventually cause kidney issues? 😕


as far as seeing someone. I transmitted this through a sexual assult. And have been seeing a counselor since then to deal with it all. She's amazing but still feel like unless you're dealing with it you don't really truely understand. It's so easy for others to be like "someone who loves you won't care" when the reality is that you have to tell people before the are "in love" with you. And the whole concept of "if they reject you they are rejecting the virus not you" well yeah true, but that sucks even worse knowing that it could've worked out if this one thing wasn't there. 


again thank you all of the suggestions and advice I really don't know where I'd be without this forum. ❤️

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