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  1. which kind of virus you have? 1 or 2? I have 2... don't understand if my symptoms are normal and means I have little outbreaks or not. Do you think is normal (after more than 1 year) have more tinglings and tiny dots on thighs than where I noticed hsv2 for the first time? (glans)
  2. I am experiencing a very similar situation. my girlfriend is so patient but I really sometimes feel like everything would be so simple if we could break before (if hopefully she is still h-free) I'll pass to her. .. Seems this is a very common condition reading your stories, kinda makes me feel better. Thanks
  3. took different tests since I first discovered to have something "wrong" down there., here is a recap: About ten days after exposure First symptoms: two sores below left thigh, widespread tiny dots on glans (they lasted about a week/10 days), no tingling, no itch. Sort of “discomfort” feeling on left side groin. One month and half after exposure Blood test seeking HSV2 IGG, result: 0.50 (still negative). 14 weeks after exposure Blood test HSV2 IGG, result: value 1 (equivocal). 6 months after exposure Third blood test seeking HSV2 IGG, result: positive (different clinic test from previous test where no value was given). 9 months after exposure Fourth blood test seeking HSV2 IGG, result: 0.90 (that is the “highest” number in negative range, weird ’cause it seems lower than previous tests). One year after exposure A fifth (and last test for now) at the same hospital of third test confirmed the positive HSV2 IGG status. Guess the difference is in the test they use. As you can see what is important is the rise of the IGG value, doesn't matter much how high the number but the fact it went from 0.50 to 1.
  4. Same story. Every dermatologist looking at pics and glans never said "yes it's H" but of course I knew very well I never experienced something like that and I knew what I did in the previous week so... went to test and resulted positive (with mixed/low results in the middle thought). I add to your advice: yes, if you feel that something happened (and had "risky" intercourses a week or more before), ask for a test. Also I feel like there's still not enough knowledge on hsv2 from doctors since is "rare".
  5. Hello, I have a very tiny or two "bumps" or blisters I don't know how to call them (english not my first lang), but they don't hurt or scab. Does your cuts scab or hurt/itch much? I can't even understand when am shedding more since my symptoms are not very noticeable... thanks
  6. Too many. I was too scared, too unprepared, I told to doctors, a colleague I trust, parents, friends. If I could go back I'd keep everything for me. So if talking may initially seem to help, think that later you might regret it. Just my thought.
  7. How is your sore? Anyone has just a single tiny bump as ob that doesn't scab? Mine is just more or less visible, no painful just sometimes a light itch.
  8. Same here, hsv2 positive, never had pain or burning, my glans skin changed though, and have almost permanent very tiny bumps on right side, more visible if penis semi erect (doctors never realized that could be hsv2, I had to test myself and find). Rarely have light tingling.
  9. How are the chances of transmitting to partner just kissing and sleeping in same bed without sex intercourse but let's say, legs touching during sleep? Thanks
  10. Sorry I just noticed that I used the wrong word... I meant if a man gives oral to a girl... (LOL not blowjob)
  11. Hello... it is possible and with chance to pass hsv2 to a girl giving her oral sex? (blowjob) And through french kisses? Thanks
  12. Same thing that happened to me.. but I cannot blame my girlfriend.. but... a sex worker who gave me an oral and I was so silly to not use condom. So, don't blame my girlfriend who still wants stay with me. Yes, life could be this weird, and please don't judge me if went with a prostitute while with my girlfriend. Now she doesn't want leave and my life is become a cage, thinking of sex means being afraid of passing to her (if not happened already)... Sorry about this confidence, I am a bit on down side
  13. The problem is that I tried to show to doctors (they examined my glans with lens!!) none stopped and told me something specific... but I feel like when I go to doctor those little blisters are less visible (maybe 'cause my friend becomes even smaller in presence of doctors.. ) Is devastating knowing that I will never experience oral sex again and also don't know if my glans in this condition means that I have like constant tiny outbreaks.... does even exist a strain of HSV2 that never crust and only stays as tiny dots all over glans?
  14. Hello, I am unfortunately protagonist of hsv2 from oral to my penis... (cannot be 100% sure but I am sure I always used condoms during that holiday but received two unprotected bjs...). Luckily I have (till today) a mild form... this doesn't exclude shedding anyway. Can I ask you something that may sound silly? Did you blood test for HSV2 IGG? Are you confirmed positive?
  15. You mean condoms always ALSO for example... handjobs with your partner? Thanks
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