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  1. @mr_hopp sorry, could this ugly nose and face pimples (or herpes if is that) be triggered from some cortisone I am taking for sciatic nerve problem (which started from a bad back movemente but I also think is related to my hsv2)? I mean 'cause I know it can lower your immune defence.
  2. No no am not saying that private clinic are not accurate. Doctors said "it's how they calibrate the test", probably I am/was very on the edge between equivocal and positive. Also I am not in the US but in EU. The suggested time you should wait for a reliable test from the first noticeable outbreak (or after suspect sexual intercourse) is about three months. When I took the one at the hospital that gave me the Positive result it was five months after infection circa (the ones took earlier at different clinics just showed values around 0.9/1.1).
  3. How can I check my immune system, which tests? But you got the point, I think that my immune sys is also the problem and the reason why I got hsv2 (probably) from an oral (they say is pretty rare but is the only unprotected act I had). No didn't swab them but never had so many before the hsv2.
  4. Don't want scare or suggest theories. Just my story. I had the "luck" of taking multiple tests witnessing to the full ascending discending arc of IGG and IGM. In my first test (about one month after the first evidence of hsv2 on my penis) my HSV2 IGG was still 0.50, while IGM was already positive (not very high, 1.3). HSV1 IGG and IGM were both negative around 0.50. I tend to belive that a TRUE negative is around 0.50/0.60. When my IGG built up (and IGM went down) it never exceeded 1 or 1.1 staying in the "equivocal" area; but when I went to the hospital instead of private clinic fo
  5. Hello, I am hsv2 positive. Lately Iam getting a bad herpetic pimple on cheek (same position for two times in few months) and now one on side nose. Don't have a very noticeable stuff on genitals though. It is possible that you get random stuff on face far from a normal genital ob "timing"?
  6. thanks @makepeacewithit for your answer. I am sure I felt a "strap" lifting stuff on my back, took also a MRI scan on the back (not on knee though where now, one month later, I Feel more discomfort) and it showed a LITTLE hernia. My concern is that hsv2 made worse a condition created by hernia... do you think is possible? About my glans skin I really don't know... I start to think my levels of hsv2 are enough to give me constant obs but not enough to be serious enough for pain and scab... LOL Thanks
  7. Sorry I add up to this thread, I am diagnosed with hsv2. Never had "big" noticeables outbreaks but have lot of issues: penis head skin seems almost everyday "bumpy" sometimes tiny bumps specially on a side that never crust (they didn't crust even in first ob if don't remember wrong). Could HSV2 leave skin forever changed? like it becomes hyper-sensitive? Also I am experiencing a back/leg pain after tiny hernia 'cause lifted a small weight wrongly and is taking lot to recover. Is possible that HSv2 interferes with muscles for more than normal outbreaks timing (more than a week or so?).
  8. You remind me of my girlfriend. she is so kind... accepted my hsv2; the fact is that since I don't want infect her our sex is almost inexistent lately... 😛 Hope you can find peace and a balance in your relationship
  9. Thanks Tired, the thing that terrifies me is that all the info you're giving me - and in part I gathered from web too, - were never suggested by one of the many dermatologists I consulted. This is disappointing and also alarming, I live in a medium sized european town (but also visited a doctor from a near bigger city...) makes me wonder that HSV is still too rare or too underconsidered. Btw, I will surely check again where got the numeric IGG index, I was a bit pissed to retest there 'cause considered them least reliable than the one at hospital (since they wrote me "positive" without do
  10. @tiredandlonely, the index values is the thing that is torturing me. I used different clinics... the only one where I got the "POSITIVE" status was at the hospital where the DON'T give values!!! Probably you didn't see my log of tests, I post you here: One month and half after exposure Blood test seeking HSV2 IGG, result: 0.50 (still negative). 14 weeks after exposure Blood test HSV2 IGG, result: value 1 (equivocal). 6 months after exposure Third blood test seeking HSV2 IGG, result: positive (hospital, not same structure from previous test. no value was given).
  11. - One year and half since infection. - Yes, I think my case is really atypical. I never swabbed it but took many tests in a row, was - unfortunately- able to notice the IGG "curve" raising through months; among the many tests 2 were "positive "others "equivocal" (only the first one I took a month or two after infection was truly negative). - No recurrences at least not in the same form as the first ob (those pimples on glans). I do have tinier bumps though, like if my penis glans now and then shows more evident "goosebumps" that I don't rmember had before. - No I am not on antiv
  12. Thanks @tiredandlonely , I had sex with the same girl both oral (unprotected) and vaginal (protected), and first ob that I noticed were the tiny bumps on glans penis (no pain, no itch) I do had few other "sores" (or don't know what they were) on arm and leg (opposite sides of body) though. The fact that mainly the very noticeable ob was on glans (well protected by condom during vaginal sex) made me think that I got it via oral sex. Lately I am getting many sporadic tinglings on inner thighs than other effects... does mean I am almost shedding everyday? Thanks
  13. Among the many many dermatologists I visited you are the first one telling me something I didn't know and that FITS my case! I refer to this part "and the potential consequences (in my opinion) are less severe (genital HSV-2 can recur frequently; it is unlikely to occur frequently - if ever - if you catch it orally)."; this because since my first ob, that consisted in a many tiny ugly pimples on glans, didn't reoccur in that form and never (even the first time) with pain or severe itch (had some mild itch now and then after). But as you are repeating, is also possible that condom was
  14. I was infected via oral (received, I am male). Cannot be 100% sure, but is the only thing I did "unprotected" with a sex worker. Cannot exclude that I was so "weak" and girl in very shedding phase, that got infected through legs or don't know how.
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