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  1. Sorry I just noticed that I used the wrong word... I meant if a man gives oral to a girl... (LOL not blowjob)
  2. Hello... it is possible and with chance to pass hsv2 to a girl giving her oral sex? (blowjob) And through french kisses? Thanks
  3. Same thing that happened to me.. but I cannot blame my girlfriend.. but... a sex worker who gave me an oral and I was so silly to not use condom. So, don't blame my girlfriend who still wants stay with me. Yes, life could be this weird, and please don't judge me if went with a prostitute while with my girlfriend. Now she doesn't want leave and my life is become a cage, thinking of sex means being afraid of passing to her (if not happened already)... Sorry about this confidence, I am a bit on down side
  4. The problem is that I tried to show to doctors (they examined my glans with lens!!) none stopped and told me something specific... but I feel like when I go to doctor those little blisters are less visible (maybe 'cause my friend becomes even smaller in presence of doctors.. ) Is devastating knowing that I will never experience oral sex again and also don't know if my glans in this condition means that I have like constant tiny outbreaks.... does even exist a strain of HSV2 that never crust and only stays as tiny dots all over glans?
  5. Hello, I am unfortunately protagonist of hsv2 from oral to my penis... (cannot be 100% sure but I am sure I always used condoms during that holiday but received two unprotected bjs...). Luckily I have (till today) a mild form... this doesn't exclude shedding anyway. Can I ask you something that may sound silly? Did you blood test for HSV2 IGG? Are you confirmed positive?
  6. You mean condoms always ALSO for example... handjobs with your partner? Thanks
  7. I dunno how to explain well.. this site is pretty useless if you can't post pics of medical condition.
  8. No, not painful, but my I definitely can see two tiny things at side that I never had... and in general the glans somestimes is like filled with very tiny "goosebump". My IGG values are also not clear, I resulted positive then again with a 0.90... (which is equivocal range, sure higher than my first test when I was 0.50)
  9. that's sadly true, I got it after protected vaginal but unprotected oral... against the odds
  10. Hello, I was diagnosed HSV2 positive but with very low values (about 0.9 and 1.1). Didn't have a painful first outbreak but with very noticeable little dots on glans. now (almost a year from infection) what I have are few tinglings and itch (like two times a week) and some burn feeling when urinating. But the part that is driving me mad is that I feel that my glans is always "bumpy" somehow, tiny bumps sometimes more visible some other less... and I don't know and in which way is related to my H condition... (is sort of mild ob? is balanitis triggered from h?) Is the glans texture a bit different a rare but possible H effect? Do I have something different from H? (warts maybe?) Thanks for your time
  11. Just admit you're him, don't need to post pretending to be a friend... This would be a first step in acceptance.
  12. Sorry, I live in a place where not a dermatologist talk me about "western blot" (guess is sort of specific swab), even if my second IGG test was "equivocal" (third came "positive" but without numeric value!!!). Does the wb "works" even if your glans appears only "bumpy" but without lesions,sores? Thanks
  13. Yes, I think they are more visible now, but few weeks ago a dermatologist looked at it (with lens and light) and found nothing (it of course was not... erect or semi-erect that makes them more visible). Looking at pics he wasn't able to say if was H or not... and many online told they look like "normal" inflamed glands. I am sure those are tiny blisters of infection. I only need a better dermatologist. And yes, my fear is that I am constantly shedding even if have minor or not visibile signs. (Can I link pictures of an external website here or post pics?)
  14. Hello, I am diagnosed with Hsv2 (although with low values I think), and since the first ob that consisted in tiny blisters all over glans, I didn't have a second one. BUT... I have, sometimes more and sometimes less visible, tiny bumps all over glans (imagine sort of little goose bumps). I don't even know if this is H related, rarely had tingling and never hurted, but surely I never had a condition like this prior the infection. My question is: if you are infected with "low" amount of Hsv virus, will it inevitably grow and multiply? Or if your immune system is "normal" it can keep it more or less at the initial quantity? I ask this 'cause I feel I was lucky in the unluck (touching wood!) in getting a mild type of it that is not very good to look at but at least is not painful. Thanks!
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