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  1. Do you believe ovulating could bring on an outbreak or potentially irritate u down there to think ur getting one? I’m insanely dry and not itchy but, it’s a little uncomfortable where I feel something is off but I am ovulating right now so I wasn’t sure if it was just a coincidence!
  2. Hello all, I was diagnosed with ghsv 1 , one year ago. I am a 22 female. This forum really helped me throughout this year.... This year truly has been a year of learning for me. I’m a little bit of a hypochondriac so anything out of the ordinary down there I get nervous is an outbreak. I get tingling here and there and sometimes I will feel achy but those feelings are not consistent. Knock on wood, I haven’t gotten any sores since my first outbreak. I am wondering if anyone else gets these random feelings? Is this a potential recurrent outbreak ? Or just the virus waking up? Does nerve pain or tingles mean ur highly contagious during these feelings?
  3. @100918 Oh wow , I’m sorry to hear that... I have gotten the shot the past two years and have been fine with it. However those times I got it I didn’t have the Ghsv-1. So that’s why I’m curious what’s going on. unfortunately for work i have to get one every year.
  4. Can a flu shot trigger an outbreak? I have ghsv-1 Since March 2019 and I got the flu shot yesterday and I’m feeling the achy pain down there which is semi similar to my first ob. Idk if it’s a coincidence or not but it’s Odd. I also have my period, shaved last week with a trimmer, and had sex (with condoms for the first time since infected). I am aware These are all triggers, but I have been fine with these before and the only different thing in play is the flu shot and sex.
  5. Did not want to read and not respond. I am currently dealing with the itch. Thought I was getting another outbreak so I took the antivirals, turns out after finishing them the itch is still there. The itch for me is inside. REALLY hope this goes away. I will ask this question to my gyno on Monday and let you know. Just know you are not alone with this one here. I was diagnosed beginning of March (HSV1) and nothing has been normal since.
  6. Luvena!! I actually just used luvena cause I was having an itch down there. It has helped! I do still have a slight itch, but it is not unbearable. Going to the doctor to see if there are any other problems such as yeast or BV so we shall see if its prodome symptoms or not. DO NOT buy Replens, that is what I believe weakened my vagina and made me vulnerable to catching the herpes. Long story. The reason why luvena works is cause it contains probiotics inside the formula and does not contian all the bad things that could irritate the vagina. Plus when I used the Replens, I was having clumpy white discharge that was not wet at all, very weird to explain, but I read that those were dead skin cells being pushed out. You are not alone with the itch, been trying to figure that out as well. Hope this helps.
  7. Thank you guys for sharing, I will definitely follow up after my gyno visit on Monday. Hopefully she can give me some more answers and maybe some help with taming the outbreaks. I also just want to make sure that I do not have any underlying problems such as yeast or BV. I was diagnosed with BV at the same time I was diagnosed with herpes, and was only given antivirals so we will see. I guess I am just bummed out cause I kinda feel like the information my gyno gave me was misleading, I really thought it would be one outbreak and done. However I still do not know if the tingling I was having was an outbreak, but they said when you feel that to take the Valtrex so I did. I guess this is the start of me learning how the virus and my body are going to coexist. Praying for all of us. Just want to feel normal again. When my lady parts are not doing well, my self confidence tanks. I understand the broken part, you are not alone.
  8. I was also diagnosed with BV as well as the Herpes (HSV1). They only gave me antivirals. I am currently dealing with an itch, no odor, watery discharge. I thought I was having another outbreak but I took Valtrex again, but 2 days later and I still have this itch. I believe that this may be the BV that never was treated cause it has been over a month since I was diagnosed with both BV and the Herpes. I am no doctor unfortunately, so I am going to be making an appointment to go back to the gyno. I did call and they told me to take monistat but I absolutely refuse because the last time I took that it felt like a fire down there. Plus, I do not want to take monistat if I do not know what it is exactly. As you may know BV and yeast infections are treated with completely different medications. I will follow up with you after my visit, unfortunately if it is BV you will need a doctor to give you a prescription for antibiotics. It does however sound like BV cause of the pain in your abdomen. Maybe also try a probiotic, I just started taking one just to help myself out down there.
  9. Where do I even begin. Prior to my first herpes outbreak, I have always been very health anxious and because of this it really makes dealing with Herpes worst. I was diagnosed the beginning of March, with genital HSV-1. I was happy because this was not the type where it was more reoccurring, but still understood that it is genital herpes and it is not certain that I will not have another outbreak. I shaved myself for the first time since my outbreak last week and to add on got my monthly friend. So I am unsure if it was a combination of the monthly friend and the shaving irritation that could have potentially triggered another outbreak. However on 4/19, I felt that tingling sensation down there and I had an itch (like a yeast infection) and I panicked and took the Valtrex just in case. I have finished the Valtrex 2 days ago, and I am still very itchy down there which to be honest I feel like ever since my outbreak I have had some type of itch. I feel as if I am never going to be normal down there cause it has not been 100% since my initial outbreak. Like I said I know HSV-1 is less severe of the types, but is it common that 1 month after my initial outbreak, I feel as if I am getting another one? Because of my health anxiety, it makes me believe that anything out of the ordinary, such as a little itch, is going to be an outbreak. On top of the itch, I do feel myself still getting shooting pains, and I was told that was nerve pain, but does that settle? Also I feel very achy in my legs at times. I am very new to Herpes, and I may be a little uneducated, but my gyno said that my first outbreak could be my only one/may have another years from now. Has anyone else had this issue with HSV-1 genital? Or does it not matter what type you have, an outbreak will happen with whatever triggers it?
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