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  1. Wow this b**** is crazy and its actually sad the misunderstanding she has about herpes... I didn't read thru everyone's posts so maybe this was already said but isn't there something that an be done legally to someone who knowingly passed this on without telling?! I know in some states they can do that with HIV.
  2. I dated the father of my son for 3.5 years and now have been seeing someone else for the last month who I made aware if my situation from the beginning. I assure you, people can look past it. And you will be ok
  3. Update***** went to the doctor and she said its a bacterial infection and that its very rare if not impossible to spread it somewhere else..... I know I've read differently and ears differently but she insisted and did not do a swab or anything like that..... The 2 blisters are not open.... Maybe that is why. But yea she put me in an antibiotic. I still can't help but feel really paranoid however..... I do t know maybe I should get a second opinion, but this was my primary who has been my dr my entire life, and I should trust her knowledge. I just wish for my own sanity she would have done a swab.... I don't want to pass this to my son and with diaper changes and baths it could be very easy..... Ahhh I'm so torn
  4. Yea... I know I dread the answer tho too.... It hasn't gotten any worse and hasn't popped open or is oozing or itching.... Just pain. But your right.... I should go and see. Thanks
  5. It's my non dominant hand too so I don't use it for any kind of self care per poses... Haha so I dunno how it could be there but it hurts so bad!
  6. Sorry I have been MIA everyone a lot has gone on this last month and a half.... Some good that ill probably talk about later some bad that I don't want to talk about and 1 thing that i'm confused about that is H related. So if u all remember I have had h2 for 4 years. And haven't gotten an ob in awhile.... Usually I get 1 a year. Well yesterday I woke up with what felt like in ingrown nail or infected finger from having my nail cut really short.... Then later in the day I got 2 bumps on the side of that finger.... Near the second joint. My finger is burning and painful to the touch..... What my q is.... Is this a whitlow or just unrelated blister or warts!! It's driving me nuts! To me this is worse then my genital h because this can easily be passed to my son. I just am devistated and in so much pain. I don't understand how my genital hsv is now popping up somewhere else now. If anyone has any insight please respond
  7. Awe so glad it's going so great!!! Next seminar in MN please!!! :-)
  8. Carlos I was thinking the exact thing today when it comes to psoriasis! I can't believe it's the first time that popped into my head but it really made me feel great to think of it in that way!!! And Angler.... Lovin the joe dear-tay reference!
  9. Personally I wouldn't hook up with him or even let him have the decency of knowing something so personal about me if I didn't see myself having a future and a relationship with him. For me if its clearly jut for sex then they arnt worthy of knowing something so intimate ad private. However if you are ok sharing something with someone you may not have a connection with other then a physical one... Then go for it.
  10. Yep I had anxiety really bad. To the point where I'd either have a panic attack or start crying in public. It will get better. I've had it for almost 4 years! A's podcasts really calmed me down thru everything. I'm still pretty new to this group but after a breakup with my long term boyfriend and father of my son and I was in a really dark place! His voice and reassurance calmed me down. I listened to it while laying in bed trying to sleep and it really worked for me! Make sure you fill our your shameless profile and join/help us get this accomplished. Staying active in this community as well as other support groups will help tremendously! Good luck to you
  11. Heard back from 1 of the admins and as I thought they did say NO! So should I do something from here on out?! Write everyone individually? Leave it alone? Ugh I
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