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  1. When they say 'don't have sex when there's symptoms', what are they talking about exactly? Do they mean don't have sex when you have visible bumps/sores/whatever OR also with other symptoms, since I feel like I'm having symptoms pop up often that aren't visible bumps, just discharge, cloudy pee (tmi?) and stuff like that. I never used to get that stuff before I contracted HSV so I have nothing else to tie it to, I don't have a history of UTI's or yeast infections, so I assume it's the HSV. But I'm not sure if I'm just being paranoid and taking every little thing as an outbreak. I just feel lik
  2. If you weren't miserable/anxious about this, it would be something else. If this wasn't something you'd be afraid of facing rejection for, it'd be something else. There's always gonna be something to bring you down (if you let it), but it's better this than something else, something worse, maybe something life-threatening. There are so many people in a situation where they'd be willing to give their right arm in order to change situations with you and me, people with life threatening diseases..whether it's cancer or whatever, don't you think they'd happily have herpes instead of what they're s
  3. I have no idea. Awesome if it is. But what about those with genital HSV1 not HSV2 D:
  4. Oh but thanks a lot for answering, really appreciate it and the links definitely helped :) sorry for being snarky!
  5. So if I were to cuddle after sex naked, what, would I give him herpes on his thigh? It just seems too unlikely to even worry about.. I don't want to go overboard with paranoia even though I want to be safe of course. It's just that if it was quite likely I'd think the doctor would've told me about it and that she would've told me more than just 'this isn't the end of the world, don't let this break you' and 'don't have sex when you have symptoms and always wear a condom' and 'after hpv genital wart treatment wait at least 10 days before you have sex so that the sore after the burning/pois
  6. Hi. I'm 16 years old and I contracted genital HSV1 (and HPV genital warts) in november, I just found out I had it in january though. I still feel like I have very few answers, I don't remember getting a lot of information at the doctor's, I remember her saying that the HSV1 would not be transmitted if I avoid having sex when there's an outbreak and if I always wear a condom (or maybe it was the HPV, I really don't remember) but I've found information online that say differently so I really don't know what to believe. I just hate not knowing. And I don't even know the difference between genital
  7. Aw that's so great (and hearing that makes me more positive about things and for when the time comes to tell someone) really lovely :)
  8. Yeah, my mother and therapist have both told me that I don't have to tell my partners as long as I'm safe and always use condoms and I don't have sex when I have symptoms. Which feels good to hear since then you're reassured that this isn't THAT big of a deal and that your life doesn't have to revolve around a virus (and those things are true, it isn't and it doesn't) but even though that feels good to hear..I'd prefer to tell my future sexual partners before we have sex, since it seems like a big weight off your shoulders, like being able to be honest with your partners and if it's in a relat
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