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Getting herpes late in life


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I did not contract genital herpes until I was in my late 50's.  The first outbreak was horrible and I was devastated.  I thought it was going to ruin my life.  BUT IT DID NOT.  All subsequent outbreaks were much less severe.  I am now 71 and still get a mild flare-up once every couple of years, but I no longer need topical medication because it clears up on its  own.  Do not despair too much, especially if you get it late in life..... when it doesn't seem to be as serious.  My partner at the time was very understanding.  If you have a partner who has a problem with it, examine whether you want to stay in the relationship. Compassion should be an important element of a loving relationship.  You deserve this.

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Thanks so much for sharing this, Graci ... and welcome! 🙂 

This content is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis. I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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I was 55 ..now 57....i have PHN symptoms every second of every day for 25 months...I lost the love of my heart and in that my heart has finally gone numb..I am not who I was ...Fun loving kind energetic.....stopped the gym stopped guitar and stopped writing poems..   i play hockey just to push through..I am in pain and fatigue constantly.....Coffee and shaving make it worse...I have to shave...

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I will be 60 next month. I got it a year ago.  The initial outbreak was horrible, both physically and emotionally.  My giver was not very supportive and ghosted me .  That was more devastating than anything.   I've only had one mild outbreak since and that's been almost a year ago.  I do take valcyclovir daily and have not been sexually active since I was diagnosed. Most days I don't even think about having it. It's only when I think about possibly getting involved with someone new, that I feel discouraged about having to disclose and possibly being rejected again. I haven't met anyone new so most of the time I don't really think about it. I sometimes wonder if subconsciously I avoid any situations where I might meet someone new.  This forum has helped me tremendously, especially in the beginning with educating me about HSV2 and the emotional support.

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