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Herpes movie? Interview with "Party Favors" director | Herpes Life

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First off, let me say that I think bringing this topic to light is an amazing thing and I appreciate very much what you are doing. However, I am a bit concerned. The film is called "Party Favors", which to me, automatically perpetuates a key stereotype that I think needs to be broken. In my experience, many believe herpes is a disease reserved for those who live the party lifestyle- going out, drinking, drugs, promiscuity, etc. I haven't read the script, so I don't know for certain, but the title, at first glance, seems to add fuel to the fire. I'm not the type to step on anyones toes, and as I said, I think making this film is very important, however, I am worried it may perpetuate the stigma attached to herpes.

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Hey Ashley! I agree that the movie may perpetuate some of the unfair stereotypes that herpes is spread by partying and promiscuity. And why I stand behind it is that it's bringing this very important conversation around herpes into the light. (I mean, just being able to have this kind of a conversation with the general population is valuable, even if the movie has a more "Hollywood" take on it.) I would guess that Michael's thoughts behind setting the movie in this way is to make it more accessible to the mainstream media so there can be a socially responsible conversation within something that seems Hollywood. And I am going to forward him this thread and maybe he can add his thoughts here and perhaps even incorporate some feedback from our community! This is valuable stuff for him to know since shooting hasn't begun yet. Thanks for your thoughts, Ashley!

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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Thanks for throwing your 2c in the ring, Connect! I forwarded this thread to Michael and he'll be chiming in soon. :)

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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Hi Guys! Michael here. I created the project and thank Adrial for allowing me to drop in to your community. Rest assured that the only stereotypes included in the picture will be resting on the ground, broken in a thousand pieces. I have spent the greater part of this year talking with advocates and experts and understand the sensitivity around this issue.


Party Favors is a movie to bust stigma. I make socially conscious films to smack into consciousness the public, often blinded to the realities that lie before them. My company RAD does not make the typical Hollywood fare. Read this issue of the Huffington post about our film Candyland: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/james-scarborough/candyland-2013-a-short-fi_b_3480869.html


So that you know, the partying in the film serves as an escape for the main character. There is no reference to when or where he got H. The night life is a way for him to avoid facing his fears, and by extension, a way for others, anyone, to keep from going inside and facing the depth of their worries and shame, no matter its origin.


Eddie's (the main character) shame could come from anything. It just happens to be an STD. By bringing an entertaining film about it to the general public, I hope to connect to many thousands who feel the same way but don't know about this wonderful website or that life after an infection can actually give you the opportunity to reach even greater success and fulfillment in life.


Please visit www.RealizeArtistsDreams.com/partyfavors for more, check into our newly formed Twitter community, and keep sending your comments our way. It is my utmost desire that I enable the work of advocates like Adrial and break down barriers that you may face in our ignorant world!


Thanks for your comments!


Michael :-)

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Drinking and partying to forget you're depressed because you found out you have herpes and just wanna hide...yupp...I can relate!


I think this is an awesome project...it's going to make a lot of people uncomfortable...but I once had a professor that told me the point of a play or film...the whole reason we preform or direct...is to get the audience to THINK. And I'm hoping that's what this movie does. I see many people disliking it because of the uncomfortable content...I see other making it out to be a joke. And I even see some refusing to believe what they are seeing could be how someone with herpes feels. But what is going to matter the most are the people that walk away from this movie wanting to get check because maybe they never have. My biggest issue with this stigma is that it surrounds a virus that's more or less brushed off by the medical community which leads to it's high transmission rates. I'm less concerned with the stigma...let's face it it's gonna take more than one movie to bury that thing in the ground...I'm more concerned with education and awareness. If more people get tested more people will realize what they have...and a chain reaction begins.


I can't wait to see this movie!!!!!

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