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Hygiene and Herpes.

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I've been basically running cold water over everything to clean everything off during my outbreak. But I feel like I really smell even though no one can smell me. I want tk feel clean haha. But I'm not too sure what I can use without anything burning or stinging. Because sponging everything is not working for me anymore. Thankfully I can wash my hair no problem. But showering is a whole nother story. I know yhis is all disgusting sounding. But I only have one body wash and I had to get rid of it because of my outbreak. Any ideas as to what I can use? :)

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It's a catch 22 because you want to mask the smell but using scented products will hurt!

You may want to see if you can find hypoallergenic body wash- aveeno, Dove, and Neutrogena tend to make those.

I also think the way we perceive ourselves (ie 'i smell') may have to do with what is going on. This happens when we have an outbreak, or if you are a girl, when you have your period. No one will know that you are having an outbreak/on your period unless you tell them. Think of all the other people who could be having an outbreak or women who are on their period and you just don't know it!

It's one of those things that you just gotta trust.

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I have done a lot of reading and, although I am new to this, I have found a couple of things to be really helpful. I use basic Ivory soap in a bar. I think it's easier to control how much soap is actually going onto your body and where it touches.


The two pain-relief suggestions I found to really make a difference is hydrogen peroxide and blow-drying. After using the toilet, I pat--DON'T WIPE--dry with TP and then I hold a soft cloth or facial pad soaked with a 50% solution (half-water/half peroxide) on anywhere it hurts. Hydrogen peroxide kills germs and will help keep your sore areas clean and odor-free. I do it on the toilet to control dripping and I renew the soak two or three times per area--I read to do it for two minutes but I haven't needed it that long. Sometimes it hurts to touch certain areas, but the relief afterward is wonderful and it lasts sometimes for hours. It doesn't fix things entirely, but it sure helps. I also use a blow dryer to dry everything out afterward. Give it a try. Best of luck!

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I take a squeeze bottle fill it with peroxide and squirt it on my genitals. Its cleans me very well and promotes a healing process.


Before I go to bed ... I always clean myself with how i described above but when Im done I take a light panty liner and douse it with tea tree oil and wear it till morning...omg!!! Helps soooo much!!!

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