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Both partners have herpes. Questions!

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What are the do's and don'ts when both partners have HSV (same type)? Can we have sex if one of us has an outbreak? Or does this matter? We are googling and googling and we have a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. We just really want to know how this affects us and what we should and shouldn't do.

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If you KNOW you both have the same type (HSV1 OR HSV2) then it's not a big deal. But have you both been swabbed and know for sure you both have the same kind?


If one of you is very recently diagnosed, then be cautious for the first 4-6 months because you *could* autoinnoculate to another area of the body (Ask Herry about his ankle-biting Herpes.... :p ). Once your antibodies are built up it shouldn't be an issue. ;)

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my bf and I both have genital hsv 2. We don't have sex during outbreaks, mainly because it would hurt!! But other than during actual obs its not an issue! we both love oral and neither of us has autoinnoculated it to our mouths (I think the odds are only like 1 or 2 percent--so its obviouslyy worth it) and I always get obs in the exact same small spot and in having sex with him for almost a year now the virus hasn't spread anywhere else. I wouldn't worry but remember to let your body rest during obs! also be grateful that you both have it and don't have to worry about giving it to him! good luck :)

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Thank you so much! It is so weird.. I get it inside of my nose. I get congested and it feels like I have a stuffy/runny nose. Nothing on the outside thankfully. Have any of you had this or heard of it? I feel like I'm constantly washing my hands because I'm terrified of it getting in my eyes

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oh wow. @new_at_this I got what looked like herpes in my nose when I had strep, and it FREAKED me out (but that was before I contracted the H).... but I got it again in the same nostril a couple days ago after experiencing stuffy and runny nose two days before. I don't think they are related. I think it comes from having an irritated nose an contaminating it with bacteria on our hands.

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Cold/flu-like symptoms are one of the symptoms of Herpes - along with swollen glands and various nerve-related pains and sensations.... so it's entirely possible that either this is just a cold or possible you are shedding/etc where you got it originally and this is one of your prodrome symptoms. IE - I doubt very much you are shedding the Herpes virus there... it *could* be a symptom of shedding and you will want to keep track of when you have similar symptoms in the future to see if it seems to be connected to H outbreaks

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