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Full moon madness

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Hello, full moon. What lessons will you be teaching tonight?

While the sun sleeps and you are wake, what do you bring into being for us? All.

We look up to your pearl white luminescence and become in awe of your humility and the gorgeous gray seeking of everyone under your light. Of us, and, your spots and flaws and pockets of mystery. You are an existence that few will reach, but observe always from a distance. It’s becoming and beautiful and, truth. We may never understand. Yet, we will always try.


My heartfelt wish for all of you, tonight. Is that you dreamed tonight. Nothing starts anywhere. Without, a dream, first, loves. xoxo Hope the most perfect night for all. Where ever you are, Love, Nic.. xoxo

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I wish I would have seen the full moon you saw. I saw a full moon alright but the naked guy wandering around with the blinds open in the apartment right across from my window didn't exactly inspire good dreams.


Your words are always beautiful and it is always a pleasure to allow them to seep into our hearts to nourish our souls. In case you didn't hear it yesterday, Happy Valentine's Day, and I hope your dreams come true in the year ahead.

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I went and bought a new bra and panty set from Victoria secrets. I just wanted something I could put on and feel sexy and beautiful still. Even if I only knew what was under my clothes. I also found out I went up a cup size. That made my night. Weird, I know, but it was a hell yes moment for me. Anyways, afterwards I went out with friends and had a blast. A guy across the bar bought me a beer and had it sent to me. That made me feel wonderful. He came over eventually and said you looked like you were having a wonderful time across the bar and I think you deserved a drink. It was a nice feeling. I danced and laughed and sang karaoke. And not once, while I was out, did I feel like I was held back. I had a few guys approach me. Although I'm not ready, it made me feel good. I'm still attractive at first glance. Herpes didn't change that.

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@wcs yes, I had a nice time. Talked to one of my guy friends today for an hour or so. He said Sarah you aren't even trying. You haven't let any guy in that's approached you. You just shoot them down immediately. You need to try to start dating and not automatically assuming every guy is going to run. He really wants me to start dating again. He told me today, he was like after you explained it to me and everything it's really not a big deal. That I need to let go and stop hanging this over my head for myself. It's not something he said that I should just keep hanging onto and letting it weigh me down. He said I needed to stop judging guys based one a 5 minute conversation and assuming they will walk away. Told me to try to get to know someone and then tell them. Be a guys friend first, let them see who I am. He is one of my best friends. Maybe he is right. Maybe it's time I try.

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@herrytheherp.. thank you so much for your kind words :) I wish you love and laughter and Happy Valentine's Day to you as well :) Regardless if you did or din't hear it.. here it is again :) xo


@thisisgoingtobeokay I am so proud you are making strides to feeling beautiful again. I say "feeling" because you actually are in the present .. you just may not be feeling as such and that is a true pity. Glad you're feeling yourself again... beautiful.


@WCSDancer :) love ya xo


@victoriaxxx Bloom away.. the world is better for it as well as you :)


Love ya Hopp peeps. Peace and love xoxo

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