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Horrible experience.

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So the guy I was with and I finally got together. He was super excited and we were both super excited to see each other and finally we got into bed with each other. One thing lead to the other, and he stopped in the middle of it. He stopped. Walked out took a shower and came back, and said " I am sorry I just can't take this chance." I said you "You had such a long time to think about it, and now in the middle of it you were having second thoughts.. Well that was just bad..

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OMG I am sooo sorry chica. Sorry but men can be such... dicks... sometimes. You move all that way to be with him and he does that??? Well, the only consolation is that if he is THAT unpredictable and fickle better to find out now. What a douchbag :(


(((HUGS))) ... there is a much much better man out there for you.



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Well how are you going to talk to me everyday, and wait for me to come. Buy me a ticket, and I told him I DID not want to have sex right away. I wanted to spend some time with him before we get intimate... but then you are okay with it. He said... "Now that this is real... I am having second thoughts."

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Hi @victoriaxxx. This broke my heart. I am sorry to hear that this happened to you. The thought of it happening to anyone is upsetting. He could have save you the hurt feelings. That was rude and he knew he wasn't 100% sure from the start. Don't take it personal. Just forgive him. Show him how strong you are by forgiving him. I personally would want little to nothing to do with him again, but I'd at least do that. When something similar happens to him, he will reflect on this one day and feel like a jerk.


Be strong. The one for you will come. This just builds patience. Much love

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Ya know, I'm starting to think some men live in more of a fantasy land than they let on about. I've had a couple experiences where guys were just not real with themselves about a situation till "Shit Got Real" then they freaked out (Not just around Herpes - dated TWO guys who were denying to themselves that they were rebounding until we got intimate ... and similar experience... they stop and say they just can't go on).


I'm getting better at really questioning where they are now before I get intimate... and I think I just dodged a bullet this week with another who was all gung-ho to get horizontal after 2 dates ... reminded him I'm not jumping into anything then I don't hear from him for a week ... I email to find out what is going on and he says he's "in a weird space". Fine. Call me when you get it figured out... ugh... :p



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Hey girl - I'm so sorry! As WCS said, i think some men live in la-la land and until confronted with reality, they THINK they're OK. The last guy I dated took me to meet his parents, talked about marriage/kids/family/pet names... Then broke up with me in a dog park the day after he met my dad!! His only reason was "I don't see us getting married anymore." I realize, almost a year later, that the breakup was about HIM: his lack of ability to understand his own feelings/fears, and his complete inability to communicate any of them to me. That is NOT someone I want in a partner anyway. So, while I was crushed, I realize now that it was all for the best because anyone who freaks out like that is not a good match for me. It seems like this partner may be in the same place - and that's not anyone who will really stick around with shit gets rough. You deserve better.

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