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Herpes suppressive therapy questions

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Hello everyone :)


I was diagnosed with HSV1last november and just got my second outbreak :( I have been prescribed Valtrex to take which works wonders for me, makes the symptoms dissapear within a few days (thankfully). But I had a few questions about supressive therapy medication...


If I start taking daily medication and then decide to stop will the outbreaks come straight back or become worse? Does your body still build up antibodies to fight the virus while taking supressive therapy?


Also tp anyone who is on daily medication, how frequent are your outbreaks? do you get any at all? I know it vary's from person to person but I'd like some personal expereince.


Thank you :)

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Personally, if you are not protecting a partner, with 4 months between OB's, I'd wait and see how you do... use the Valtrex *as soon as you feel an outbreak coming on* ... I take acyclovir and I do one double dose then take it for a couple days and hit it on the outside too (some people find that things like Epsom Salts Baths help to dry it up ... I use a direct application of Ammonium Salts).


If you do go on suppressive therapy and want to come off I would suggest you do it slowly so your body gets a chance to adjust... like any other medication.

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HSV1 over here as well. First bump oct 23, ended oct 30, got the call on oct 31st. I've been outbreak free 5 months tomorrow. I started suppressive therapy as soon as I was diagnosed. 500 mg valtrex, once daily. Up it to 1000mg daily if I "feel" one coming or experiencing one. I have only missed one pill in 5 months. My doctor started me immediately when I came in. According to him, the sooner you start medication the better the body seems to get HSV under control. He said that with type 1 (prob the same for 2 as well) starting the medication fast and hard on the first round would reduce my chances of further outbreaks and help my body strengthen to fight it. Don't know all the science on that, but it made sense. I guess to me it was like with cancer, hit it hard first with medication and let the body work secondary. I have been on suppressive therapy ever since my diagnosis. Outbreak free. Some slight scary moments along the way, I would have some pain when I peed, pop 1extra valtrex, lysine, and multi vitamin, start downing water. But in regards to an actual outbreak, 0. Nada. Nothing. (I feel very blessed and lucky to have had an easy ride physically with this thus far).


Here is the kicker about suppressive therapy....I am scared to go off it now. It is a comfort for me and makes me "feel" like I am doing something to help my body. That is how I (me, personally) view it. I doubt I will ever stop taking it, regardless of whether I meet a man with HSV1 already or not. It just helps me sleep better at night...mentally. Others view medicine as a way to not let the body fight on its own. You have been though, so just watch it. I would suggest as @wcs said ride it out. See how it goes from here on out, then decide.


If you do go on it, try your best to keep it within an hour of the normal time you take it. For me, its between 7 and 8, I always try to take it. Supposedly, keeping the harmony and not throwing off the clock helps. I have let that slide a lot since my diagnosis. Originally first few months, I would set an alarm, wake up, take it, and go back to bed. For instance, today, I didn't take it until 3ish. I was not home and didn't have my pills on me. But, to be honest, I think my body has adjusted quite well to it all and the time thing isn't so necessary.


Decision is yours. I like suppressive therapy as I said above. Although I do have a fear and know it can pop up regardless of valtrex or not, I just like the peace I get from it. It is more of a mind thing for me.



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I believe it works after you stop them too. My doctor has put me on a cycle for about 8 months I guess? Then ill stop. (And hope to god it keeps working) I have 2 months left and just the last little while is when ive noticed its been working. Up until then I was still getting frequent outbreaks. I thought I was doomed. But ive been ob free for a couple months now.

One thing I notice with valtrex is how thirtsy it makes me. I always need water around! Anyone else have this side effect??


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I've made an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to talk about daily medication. I started this second outbreak almost 3 weeks ago and it's still here! :(


I've been taking valtrex twice a day. The outbreak was only one tiny sore, which hasn't caused me any discomfort at all, but I know it's there. It hasn't got any worse but it hasn't gone away either. I was really sick with a cold last week, could that of contributed to the drawn-out symptoms? I'm still taking my medication hoping this will clear up in the next few days. But can anyone recommend anything else I can do to help speed up the healing process? Any feedback would be much appreciated, this 3 week outbreak is driving me crazy :'(

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Hi everyone! I just found out today I have it :/ I don't know what I'm going to do medication wise or anything yet...but my question is how do you know when you're having an outbreak? I feel like the past two years I've noticed white bumps on the skin around my clit not on my actual lips but around that clit area (like once you pull the lips back). I never thought it was herpes though cause they literally have never changed or moved or hurt or done anything. When I got tested last week my doctor looked and said it was "pristine" even though I'd gone to the bathroom right before and checked and saw them. I told her that and she assured me she saw nothing that looked like herpes, so I guess my question is, should I assume that is not a herpes outbreak (even though I know I have it)? Or is it but its never gone away and my doctor is wrong? Will I know when I'm having an outbreak? Does it hurt or something?

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My personal trick is Ammonium Alum. It's not easy to find (it's used for pickling and its also the main ingredient in Styptic pencils for when guys nick themselves shaving. I put it on neat and it dries it up.


And going commando can be a great help... so do that whenever you can :)


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The short answer is Herpes is a slippery devil ... so it's possible the bumps are H. If you get one that heads up enough you can go to your OBGYN and get it cultured so you know for sure which one you have.


Will I know when I'm having an outbreak? Does it hurt or something?


Well, again, everyone has a different experience. So you may or may not have an OB. 80% of people don't know they have H because they never have anything that they could identify as an OB. Those that have OB's also have different experiences...everything from mild irritation to unable to get out of bed. And there is no definite rhyme or reason for why one person has one and someone else has a totally different experience ;)


Either way you could be shedding at any time. You should read all you can on here...esp the handouts and the FAQ at the top of the discussions section. Both will give you a LOT of information :)






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I have HSV2 so I don't know if the protocol is different than with HSV1 but what my doctor said is they typically suggest using suppressive meds for the first year since most people are prone to more frequent outbreaks during that time, and are also more contagious (that isn't a factor for me, I've sworn off sex for the rest of my life...). Dr lady said that after that time I could go off them and play it by ear from there.

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