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help! did I pass herpes to my daughter?

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Ok so I'm freaking out. My daughter, who is 9, has gotten some very small painful bumps on her butt. Today she said she had a very painful spot in between her butt cheeks. I looked at it and it was a few very very small bumps in a cluster, I can't tell if they were blisters. She said that when she pees and it drips back on her butt it stings bad. She has slept with me a lot when I was first diagnosed and I always tried to where pj pants but a few times I didn't and she crawled into bed with me and one time lodged her foot in between my legs close to my private area, this happened about four years ago. I am so scared I could not cope with the my child getting this from me, I don't know what to do with this anxiety.

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Only way to know? Get the blisters and bumps swabbed or get a blood test for her. Quite frankly, getting that definitive answer is the only way you are going to permanently assuage the anxiety you are feeling.


Could she have gotten it from you based on what you've described? Yeah, it's possible. Is it probable? I wouldn't say so. Further, bumps on the butt could be anything from bug bites to chaffed skin or pimples; all of which would hurt if urine were to get on them.


Get your daughter a blood test. That's the only way you can confirm what's going on. Explain your concerns to the doctor, and at 9, I'd advise a general "we're just gonna do a routine blood test to see if anything's going on." If it turns out to be herpes, cross that bridge when you get to it. Plus, if it is, you can help her get the treatment she might need to help control it as her body hits puberty here in a couple years. We'll be here to help your cross it, but in all likelihood, it's a bridge you're not going to need to go over.

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Hi fe, first jist take a breath, stop panicking!

Do u recal having an o.b. when she would cuddle next to u? And even without pj bottoms, im assuming underwear was worn... i.m.o. you probably did not transmit the virus...

Bumps on a child could mean sooo many things!!!!

Heat rash, (which is my first go to thought).. or, chicken pox, exzema, phoriosis, measles, hives, heck eveen scabies.

could she have been infected by a poisonous bush ie poison ivy from hiking/camping?

get her to the doc, and see what they say?

Dont stress toooo much! Just because h might always be on our minds, doesnt mean its always the cause of the symptoms we feel or see.

try to relax, ans if you did accidentally transmit it, we will all help you get through this!

H isnt a death sentance, its a skin condition, everything WILL be ok, hang in there!





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As @willow and @herry said - BREATHE and don't panic. It's HIGHLY unlikely this is Herpes ... if she lodged her foot in your butt it won't have shown up on her butt my friend... it would be on her FOOT!


I think for YOUR peace of mind, I'd get a blood test. Talk to the Dr beforehand, say you have been worrying about it anyway and even tho it is VERY likely these are pimples (she may be starting to get some hormones going already) it would help you to stay calmer if this continues to happen if you can run a blood test to check for H..... then once you have your answer you can deal with it ...


I'm really guessing that these are pimples and she's starting the path to puberty (in which case, hold onto your hat Mom!) ... but get thee to a Dr for your peace of mind



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Thank you for the encouragement I really appreciate it. I called the nurse practitioner that our family sees, she is also a friend of mine and is familiar with my struggle with H. I explained my concerns with her and she was certain that my daughter did not have H and said that she would not do a blood test because it would be "over kill". Also another issue here is that if the worst case scenario was true I would be reported to child protection as this is an STD which would result in me definitely losing my mind as well as my job ( I am a social worker) and all kinds of other awful things. I simply cannot take this stress and want to crawl out of my skin.

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I highly doubt you'd loose your chd or youe job my dear, herpes is classifoed as an std only bevause rhat is the mose common way of transmission. Oral hsv isnt always from sex, and hsv 1 or 2 can occure on peoples thighs, my friends mom was born with it..... try to look on the brighter side of this journey!

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I agree with @willow ... Herpes is not *just* an STD ... it's also a "socially transmitted disease" that could be passed by non-sexual skin to skin contact .... usually between children kissing Aunties who don't know that their cold sore is contagious :p


BUT, I agree with your nurse friend, I don't think it's Herpes... I only suggested the blood test to put YOUR mind to rest ;)



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