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Next week is the week (and lots of questions)

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I posted here a few weeks ago that I am seeing someone and we plan to sleep together soon. Tuesday is the big day! So here's the problem. I've taken 1 gram of Valtrex daily for about 10 years. It's the only thing that has helped keep my OB's under control. I rarely have prodrome either.


But when I started seeing this guy three months ago, I started with near daily prodrome. Literally started after the first time we got physical (didn't have sex or oral but other stuff). I don't know if it's guilt (I am technically still married but separated and so is he) or just the worry he'll contract it or what. We work together so I don't know what would happen if he caught it. It would definitely damage our work relationship.


Around that same time, I overhauled my diet and exercise regimine. I started working with a personal trainer and I work out 7 days a week. My diet is super clean and I don't eat anything with high levels of arginine.


So these daily prodromes are really baffling. I'm supplementing with lysine, lauricidin, zinc. vit C and using topical melissa oil. I haven't had any OB's this whole time but just the on/off tingling. The weird thing is, I am getting the same tingling in my "usual" areas (thighs and butt) in addition to new places....shins, knees, feet, toes, fingers, arms and back. I've even had it on my face. I don't have HSV 1 so wouldn't make sense to have these sensations in my upper body.


As anyone else had this happen? Do you think it could be "false" prodrome maybe caused by Valtrex? I'm scared to have sex now since every piece of herpes literature says to avoid sex when you feel prodrome. But it's been three months! Surely I have not been shedding virus daily this whole time.


Also, I have some questions:


-Since condoms don't complete cover a guy's nether region, is there anything I can do to protect the parts the condom doesn't cover from coming into contact with my skin? Are there um, positions, that are less likely for those parts to come into contact with mine?


-How risky is oral? My ex performed oral on me frequently throughout our marriage and never got it on his mouth/face. But he also had HSV2 so wondering if he was protected from getting it orally?



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Could these tingly feelings you are having all over be related to your new workout? Maybe increasing blood flow to those areas or the muscles wondering what's up? Or it could be you're a bit stressed along with excited about moving things forward with the new guy.


I am in my first post-diagnosis relationship as well and am always worried about passing it along. You can use a dental dam (may have to order online) or even non-microwaveable saran wrap to cover your bits during oral. I've heard the non-microwaveable is supposed to be better but have not had a lot of luck finding it in the stores. We've discussed this but haven't tried it yet.


If you're okay with it... crotchless panties will cover some skin more so than a condom alone. He can even wear some and keep the dangly bits tucked inside :) Female condoms also cover a bit more of you on the outside so that's an option. I've also had to order these online. Dare I say doggie style might result in less of you touching him? (Isn't it weird talking about this stuff with strangers! But hey, we're all grown ups here, right?)



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Thanks....I've wondered about the workouts too because they're really intense and focused more on lower body. It's just so hard to know and it scares me. I do think part of it is my anxiety over the whole thing.


And funny you mentioned doggy....he already told me that's his favorite position. Lol


But he's mentioned numerous times about going down on me. I'm scared he'll freak out if I hand him a dental dam. But then again, there's a good chance he has hsv 1 orally and I could catch a different strain. Not that it would make a difference but it might.

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Sounds like the workout has the are either irritates or just getting a lot more blood flow. Or it may be that the workout clothes you are using are tight and rubbing the area???


The FC2 Female condom covers a lot more area and it also doesn't strangle the guys penis and you both will have great sensation from what i understand. I don't know if you can find it in a store but they are far cheaper online anyway and you can buy in bulk on ebay or Amazon.


Oral *should* be ok - only 1% of all Oral herpes is HSV2 because the virus really doesn't like it there ;) You are right too... if he has H1 oral you are at a higher risk of getting it from him than the other way around

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Willow I think it's probably anxiety related. But the fact I am getting it in areas I would normally get outbreaks is scaring me. The weird thing is, it's almost like an electrical shock sensation. Before when I would get prodrome if would just be a hot burning pain and not this shock sensation.


I just wished there was a way to know when I'm shedding. :(


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