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Odd question on spreading herpes

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Ok so I know this sounds strange but I have a irrational eye phobia (something that came from watching too many episodes of Chucky when I was small)...Anyways...Is it true that it can spread to your eyes? I'm going compulsive with washing and using hand sanitizer all the time but some times I'm tired and rub my eyes :(

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Straight forward - yes

but to transmit to your eyes, you have to be touching wherevthe virus is, then toychin your eyes.

And i believe its the first 6 months to a year of first getting h, that h is most .. ah whats he word transmissible? Haha sorry its still early for me!

So thearetically, u should be fine, i mean ive ended up adjusting underwear/touching down there, and so far havent transmited it anywhere else!

And its good to keep your hands clean, but you dont need to go obsessiv about it!!!


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Is there any way to know if i've already spread it? I had it for like a week before I knew what it actually was. I know i'm probably being paranoid but this is new to me and i'm scared :( Better to be overly cautious than not right?

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Unless if ur having prodromes or an ob somewhere else on your body, i dont believe theres any other way to tell if u autoaccumulated it elsewhere.

i was diagnosed in jan, so im just reaching my 6 month, and so far i dont believe ive passed to another spot on my body. And ive scrathed an itch, shaved, and touched, u name it!

I also just started dating, been having sex (oral and vaginal) and so far my bf doesnt have any symptons either.

just use ur good ol commen sense! If u touch where u have the virus (oral or gennital) then wash ur hands, just like u would after using the washroom.

i think with hsv, it makes us all paranoid in the beggining, just need to relax and tell urself its not THAT big of a deal, and try to stop worrying. As i said i think u should be fine! Its perfectly normal to feel scared right now, just dont google anything, itll give ya nightmares!

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Thank you @Willow :) I know i'm probably coming off super neurotic :( Congratulations on the new relationship! I really hate to ask something so personal but...with the whole spreading thing...I heard a partner can get it on their fingers if they touch you down there? Do you make partners use gloves and dental damns? Seems so...like it may hurt the intimacy although I know acting in the most cautious way is best.

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I heard that too, think its called herpetic witlow.

he doesnt wear a glove, i dont have dental damns either, and as of 2 weeks ago i started taking valtrex (500mg) a day for suppressive therapy to help decrease transmission.

we havent used any preotection during sex in past week, tried the fc2 (female condom) and i dont like them, n everytime we go to use a reg condom, mr. D doesnt want to play anymore haha.

im also on birthcontrol. And because we're not using condoms he also pulls out.

i know its not all the smartest, but he and i are hoping that with b.c. and valtrex we might be fine.

i believe someone on this forum mentioned gloves, i forget who they were, but maybe they'll pop in this convo.... and add a bit more about that and how their intamacy is goin?

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@Willow got it all right (tho the word is transmittable ;) )


@Athena: Yes you can get it on your fingers but it's rare ... just be very careful during OB's to not play (and if you must, it might be a good time to use gloves) in the area and if your partner gets a lot of cracks/hangnails/open sores on their fingers you may want to be a bit more cautious ... again esp during OB's.


One thing you need to understand .... if you look at the numbers of people with H, and you realize how many people are likely being exposed unknowingly or incidentally to the virus all the time, you will realize that if it passed to the hands/eyes that easily, a whole lotta people would be showing those signs/OB's around you. So just try to use common sense like you would with any normal hygiene practices ;)

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I was so terrified of this for awhile-I even have gone to the eye doctor two different times when my eyes were hurting. He basically said there would be absolutely NO doubt in your mind if you had it in your eye. It would be very obvious and hurt like hell.


Anyway, as I have contacts and my eyes are always hurting I am constantly rubbing my eyes, and when I sleep I'm sure I'm constantly rubbing/holding myself 'down there' when I have an ob cauz it hurts-so I figure if so far I'm ok, you will be ok too.


And I think the chances lesson the longer you have had the virus.

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