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My immune system is bad.

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I was always told that my herpes would get better with age, but it actually got worse three years ago and is way more frequent. I was attacked by a bunch of bed bugs before it got worse, and I already had it. I've had it 12 years. I have done everything to boost my immune system, but still this.

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Hey there, Angelina,


You're right: For the majority of people, herpes outbreaks lessen in severity and amount as immunity to the virus builds; herpes antibodies naturally build upon exposure to the point where most people only have one or two outbreaks per year (if any). But yes, having a compromised immune system sure doesn't help. I'm sorry it's been hard for you.


What happened to make your immune system bad? And what sorts of things have you done to boost your immune system?


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I am having issues as well..been my first 6 months with ghsv1 with one outbreak after the next.


Anyway, I have opted to go to the natural path; I would sincerely recommend this as an option to help you. Sometimes meds aren't always the answer and they can still be used in combination with other things.


I wish you well.

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Hi Angelina,

My ob 's didn't lessen as time went on either, have had hsv2 for 25 yrs. I suspect my trigger (s) are sugar and hormones, more sugar, worse hormones and more ob's. I'm 47 and my hormones have been changing (perimenopause) for last 5-6 years. I try to eliminate as much sugar as possible, take lysine and oil of oregano. I finally decided to do daily suppressive as I was still having more ob's than I wanted, maybe once a month. Just a thought, maybe hormones are causing you the ob's? Good luck ☺

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You may want to ask the Dr to do some bloodwork to see if you have something else going on...if your body had it under control and it suddenly got worse again, it may be a sign that something is compromising your system. If that all comes back clear, then I'd work on diet (as mentioned, sugar may be an issue for some) ... if they are worse right around your period then it may be hormonal too. :/

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Thanks you all. I have been eating a lot of sugar but I always did anyway. I didn't have this many outbreaks before even when I ate chocolate almost every other day. Something is compromising my immune system, but the excess sugar probably needs to be stopped. Other than occasional candy binges, I stick to an almost raw vegan diet and that has helped a lot, but my outbreaks are still worse than they were before.

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I've been through a few periods where certain things would trigger me for awhile, then it settled down. I had a spell where chocolate and nuts combined would set me off... I was starting menopause and I guess my hormones were messing things up then ... that's why I suggested bloodwork. I'm guessing something is out of balance ... doesn't hurt to ask for some tests ;)

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