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The condom broke


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Im a 20 year old male. I was seeing someone who I knew had genital herpes. Last night we had sexual intercourse and the condom broke. Today, my scrotum, thighs, and anus were itchy/tingling. I'm certain that it's herpes. I'm going to go to my doctor on Monday. The funniest part is, I kept my boxers on to lessen the chance of transmission. Unfortunately, my boxers got wet from her fluids because she was on top and I never bothered to take them off. I'm trying get to get over what happened because I knew the consequences. But I'm getting very depressed over it. Every time I feel that tingly sensation( has been quite constant), my stomach drops. I have work tomorrow morning and my job requires me to do lots of walking. I'm hoping the painful blisters don't appear when I wake up. I'm not even sure if I'll be able sleep tonight. But that is my story. Any support is greatly appreciated.

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Hi Dave1!


First of all just because you knew of the risk doesn't mean you have to be ok with it straight away. Like anything it is an adjustment and this will take time.


I guess the first thing you'll want to look into is getting tested to get confirmation. I know where I am if I have an outbreak I have a course of 5 day medication I take, you could talk to your doctor/ health professional about this to try to minimise the blisters if any appeared.


Remember H loves and feeds off stress so try as best you can although hard to keep this to a minimum.


Have you talked to the other person about it? They may be able to offer some support for you?


In terms of the itching and the walking right now you could try a cream to try to lesson the friction - I use zinc castor oil ointment if I'm going to the gym or sports and worried about the rubbing. Other people on here will be able to suggest better creams / remedies that may be more helpful but for now the frequently asked questions section would be helpful to have a read of.


Also you will be very much more aware of tingles down there and sometimes the more you focus your thoughts on it the more tingles there are.


Make sure you get tested to get confirmation of your status.


Try not to be too down for too long things will get better and if it is H you will learn to deal with it and you will be ok.


I'm sure otherwise will chime in with more advise and wisdom soon.


Take care ! Xx

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Hello and Welcome!


First - BREATHE!!!!!!!!!


So - first, it's really very likely that if you are feeling all that after 24 yrs, it's you freaking out because it usually takes at least several days if not a week to 10 days for it to show up. You say you had boxers on and while they may have retained the fluid, I doubt any got to your anus so that just shows that this is likely the "heebie jeebies" from your worry.


When I was young we had a dog and we lived in Fla. Ticks were a very normal occurrence. Every time I pulled one off the damn dog my skin CRAWLED for the rest of the day even though I didn't have any on me.


Did she have an active OB? If so then your risk is higher....


Also, if you are wearing a condom it only affords you protection from the area that it covers on her too ... do you know where she gets her OB's? Is she on a suppressant?


In the absence of an OB, your risk was no more than 5% of getting it... if she was on a suppressant, it would be closer to <2%. So really, take a deep breath and relax. If you don't have a blister the Dr won't be able to do anything except perhaps blood test you to check to see if you already have Herpes (You DO know that it's not tested for unless you specifically ask for it?). I would suggest you get tested anyway ... if it comes up H+ then you have had it for over 4 months.


If I was a betting person (I'm not) I would put the odds that you didn't get it and you are just freaking out .... but get tested, and if you don't get any OB's, get tested again in 4 months. AND, go and hug that girl and let her know that whatever happens, it's not her fault that the condom broke. She's probably freaking out now (especially knowing you are freaking out) and she needs to know that you are reaching out for help and information... ok???





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I'm with Dancer.... It isn't likely that you are experiencing symptoms after 1 day.


Was this the first time you were with her? If not, then you may be experiencing symptoms from an earlier encounter. If this was the first time, then it isn't likely that the symptoms you are experiencing are from an OB... its just you freakin' out.

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@helzbellz88 Yeah I did talk to her, she doesn't really like talking about it.

@inka haha she does squirt. But the condom did break. Well, this at least gives me some hope.

@WCSDancer2010 I don't think she had active OB. I'm hoping she'd tell me if she did. Originally, she did not tell me she had herpes until about a month ago (have been seeing her since late April). We had sex unprotected a few times and protected most of the time (during the time I was unaware about her herpes). I have a good time with her so I forgave her. She doesn't take any suppressants. I do not know where she gets her OB's. She doesn't like to talk too much about it.

@FF1 No this wasn't the first. I also saw her last week. I did use a condom,however, after a few strokes, I felt like the condom was not on properly so I took it off and put it back on again. I was very drunk at the time so I don't remember if I put it on inside out (where the outside of the condom had already been wet from her clear fluid)


Thanks for the support. It really helps to talk about it.

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