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Putting herpes into perspective...

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Hi everyone...just a quick post. I haven't been on here due to a couple of crises in my life - I have missed being able to check in. I had just come out of an emotional herpes downer and suddenly life put everything into perspective again. Two close friends were diagnosed with cancer within a day of each other...one has had surgery and they both start chemo in a couple of days. Herpes seems like the most insignificant thing in the world at the moment...I suppose it's all relative. I get to deal with some annoying herpes symptoms that I have to ride through while they are fighting for their lives. I have been in their position and it's scary and consuming...


So today I am thankful for my health...and for only having herpes. Sending you all good thoughts and remember all the things you have to be thankful for. I'll be back when things settle down and I have a bit more time. xxx

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Hi lelani,

well i had very bad outbreak yesteray too, so you are not alone....it hurt like hell and i cryed today several times. And you are so right this is not the worse thing can happen...i fell uncomfortable and cant concentrate on my work or live but i know it will go away soon.At least we can be thanksfull that this virus dont kill us .I hope that your friend get better.i dont believe in chemo but i hope it will help them and they have the power to fight against this cancer.big hug

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I love you! Your friends are so lucky to have you for support and encouragement, and you are right. It is instant perspective to walk beside a friend who is fighting for their lives. I have been there. In fact...when one of my besties got cancer last year I got her this hat to wear after chemo. She loved it...and all the proceeds go to research.




You can order one here:



I'm here if you need me. xo


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Thank you for sharing this, Lelani. So much love for you and so much support. Thank you for reaching back out here. We have missed you.


This reminds me of this great TED talk:

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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Thanks for the posts...love you all! Am trying to check in when I can but running between hospital and home alot. Wow Adrial the video is just what we have been talking about during hospital visits...and I am so proud of my friend who has had the worst week ever with complications and yet is still smiling and being positive.


You know it doesn't matter what the challenge is, whether it's H or cancer...its all about looking for the gifts...being thankful...and being present. I listened to this woman and saw myself 27 years ago - different disease but with a 90% mortality rate...but I wanted to live and saw the gifts. Thanks for posting this... xxxxxxx

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Hi Lelani,


i go to chinese medzin who treat usually only cancer patients, he give his patient plants ,give them really hard diat plan and vitamin B 17.maybe its a option for your friend but he need to find somebody who have knowledge about that.he cured people with pancreas cancer etc but normally this people dont go for chemo.Vitaimn B17 is really strong, read about if you like.and its good to drink huang qi tea for the defence...hope your friend get well soon.but its good thing that your friend is in a positve mood, this will help the most...nothing better then positiv thinking.big hug

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