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My only sexual partner is my current boyfriend of almost a year, and he has had other sexual partners before me. We first were sexual in March and never had sex without a condom. Around August we stopped using condoms and used the 'pull out' method'. Not smart but I was/am taking birth control so the condoms were just there for extra protection.


We had sex in October and didn't pull out or use a condom and I started to burn really bad down there. It hurt to pee after sex and to even move, it was a lot of pain. I went to Planned Parenthood for Plan B, but was told I didn't need it because of the birth control I was actively taking. At that time I honestly thought I was just having an allergic reaction to his semen and that using condoms would put an end to that. But it didn't. Sex after that hurt. I felt tight and afterwards it hurt to touch down there, to pee or to even move.


So I made and appointment to see and OBGYN. The doctor told me that there were some little cuts down there and it could be due to not an enough lubrication. She also ran tests for STDs and took a sample of one of my cuts (which really hurt)! I was shocked, having any type of STD never crossed my mind because my boyfriend always used condoms with people before me and he took my virginity.


Early November the doctor told me I had herpes and I was so shocked because wow. My boyfriend never had any type of out break before me (We are very open and honest with each other, no one is cheating on the other) and we were recently just told that he is perfectly healthy.


I was given meds to stop the outbreak and that first two weeks were so miserable. Finally around the third week, I started to feel better and I thought I had healed. So sex had begun again but very gentle. But right after I knew that I was about to have an outbreak because it hurt. And here I currently am, having an outbreak, that same one and having finished the 5 day supply of pills I was given to treat this one.


My thing is, I have always had cold sores since I was young and so has my boyfriend. I don't think I have herpes, I think I am allergic to his semen because every time we don't pull out I end up feeling like this (only happened 3 times) and the herpes meds should of cleared up the genital herpes but I feel like it didn't. Is it possible that I don't have herpes down there but when they tested it showed positive for type 1 herpes (cold sores)? Because I feel like the meds should be helping me heal and there are not helping with healing at all. Thank you for reading.

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Hello and Welcome! Glad you found us.


So, your Dr diagnosed you with the swab, yes? If so, that is a pretty accurate method when you have a positive result. Did they tell you the type?


For one, the meds don't always clear things up ... they ASSIST the body with getting control of the virus ... but in the early stages, when your body doesn't have enough antibodies to fight it, the meds may not be enough to knock it down. Just like some people react better to Headache meds than others, so some people react better to the anti-virals than others. Given you were a virgin, you likely had zero antibodies to the virus (more sexually active people may have been exposed but not caught the virus and will already have *some* antibodies) so your body is having to start from scratch with this.


Now, if your result was HSV1, and you have had oral sex, then that's likely where you got it and the friction from sex combined with the semen may just be aggravating things more. But given your timing, I would guess that your BF is asymptomatically carrying the virus ... so I would suggest he get blood tested to see what his status is if your result was HSV2 (to be honest, he should get tested anyway because they don't include herpes in STD tests unless you specifically ask for it :( )


Sorry to say but sex may well be difficult for a few months while your body heals and starts to gain control of the virus. Over time, your body will adjust and you will learn how to control it. I've had it 35 yrs, have 2 daughters and a grandbaby and it's not a big issue for me. The early days are the hardest while you deal with OB's while the body adjusts. Generally after a few months to a year, things will settle down. Be gentle on yourself and your body right now and it will heal a lot faster :) In the meantime, find other ways to be intimate with your BF if your vajayjay is feeling tender.



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I'm a little confused. You said you both get cold sores but that you don't think you have herpes? Cold sores=herpes. If I'm understanding you right, and you both get cold sores, it's possible that you just transferred the same virus to a different area (genital).


If I read the last part of your post wrong, forgive me!

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I have HSV-1 (genital) from oral sex. So it's very possible that you may have gotten it from that and the sex it irritating it and causing outbreaks. I am on Valtrex. I had to take it twice a day for ten days and now I have to take it once a day. My symptoms are practically gone, but sex does still hurt.

Did the doctor tell you what type you tested positive for? And I would definitely have him get a blood test for it.

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