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Constant yeast/bacterial infections and H?

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Ever since I switched to NuvaRing, approximately a month or so after losing my virginity (June 2013), I've had frequent, recurring yeast and/or bacterial infections. If I get one, I get the other. I switched back to the pill, which never once caused any infections if it was due to the NuvaRing. Anyway, I was wondering if maybe H makes it more likely from irritation or by weakening my immune system or something? I had a retest for chlamydia today with Urgent Care (got mandated at work and had to cancel with my OBGYN) and the doctor asked if I usually have a little bit of a discharge. I explained that I get infections easily and that I had a yeast infection recently that took two treatments, so perhaps those didn't fully kill it.


Anyway, I was wondering if this could be related to H or if I just likely have a really sensitive vagina lol. I'm more concerned that I may have caused super resistant yeast if I never was fully cured with my very first yeast infection, causing all of these recurring infections. If anyone has any infection prevention tips that'd be appreciated too!

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It could be herpes, but try asking your doctor for a prescription of Flagyl and Diflucan since you tend to suffer from both. Flagyl is an antibacterial medication and Diflucan is an antifungal to treat the yeast infection. Both work very well together. If that doesn't work then it could probably be due to H and maybe you're experiencing minor OBs from time to time. Herpes doesn't actually weaken the immune system but it can thrive when your immune system is down so if you're under a lot of stress or feeling fatigued lately it will run its course. I know when I was on birth control I suffered from yeast infections and vaginal dryness because I was on a low estrogen pill so it actually disrupted my hormone balance and caused me a whirlwind of problems. Since I've been off the pill everything went back to normal. The natural way to prevent yeast infections is to take Acidophilus Probiotic supplements, eat yogurt, wear 100% cotton panties to keep your lady bits free of moisture, avoid sugary foods or a lot of bread, try not to stress a lot, drink Kefir and you should be able to manage it even without antifungal medication :)

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I've taken both of those. I'm currently taking Flagyl. They put me on a 2-week course instead of the usual 7-10 days like I've had in the past. Hopefully it will knock it out, but I'm going to have a (worse) yeast infection. I decided to wait to take the Diflucan until a day or two after finishing my antibiotics since they'll just give me a yeast infection anyway. I always feel much better after finishing the medicine and especially after switching back to the pill from NuvaRing, so I don't think these infections are just mild OBs. I suspect that perhaps I have a resistant strain, especially if the medicine wasn't killing everything completely.


I suppose all I can do is ask my doctor in 3 weeks. I can see it causing infections because of irritation, extra discharge/fluid from bursting blisters, and bacteria introduced from scratching/tending to blisters (I try to keep my hands clean and avoid scratching but sometimes it's just too much to resist lol).

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Ugh isn't it frustrating? I now know exactly what you're going through. Doctors sometimes can't even come up with a reason for your problems they'll just throw meds at you and expect them to work. Could be a non-resistant yeast infection though, I wouldn't doubt it at all. I know for sure my itching is due to H and it sucks cause its in a location I can't scratch :/ my face and arms itch too I've just been using Cortisone cream and anti itch lotion for it. I'm thinking thats more of a dry skin issue than H though. Darn winter weather!

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Sounds like you are particularly sensitive to the yeast and bacteria ...


I agree with @Jessika - I would try diet to get them under control ... Goggle the Yeast Free Diet and you will get lots of information about how diet can contribute to these kinds of OB's. I would seriously consider trying the diet to see if it helps given your history with it. ;)

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After I was *blessed* with HSV2, I had the exact same problem. Medication didn't work....at all.... I had to do a radical diet change and I also started using boric acid suppositories (which I now make myself)... My GYN is awesome in the respect that she took the time to explain that because of the initial OB, it threw the levels of PH off making yeast more likely to grow. I agree with @Jessika and @WCSDancer2010 about looking into your diet, but consider the boric acid as well. It may take some time, but, TOTALLY worth the effort!!!! Good luck to you!! :)

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I've was diagnosed end of October. Every time I have sex with condoms I get BV. Life with an angry vagina is no fun. I'm trying to figure all this out too. It's definitely no picnic. Trying to get the BV gone so I can figure out what my prodomes are. I got the antivirals but I want to try the natural route first.

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I have always had issues after H too. I assumed that it was due to the immune system being weakened by the virus. Don't they say once you get one STD it is easier to get others? I figured that it was the same for infections.


Not to scare anyone but about 3 years ago, I woke up horribly sick. Vomiting, fever of 105, a swollen stomach and the most horrible pain from my ribs down to my groin. I could barely move. They thought it was appendicitis. I went under thinking I was getting a little incision and I woke up with a open abdomen, drain tubes, etc. They said that it was an infection and I was basically filled with pus (that was the swollen stomach). They couldn't find one thing wrong but an enlarged ovary and it seemed as if the infection started in that area. They had only seen one other case like mine and it wasn't as severe. It turned out to be staphylococcus. The reason I'm mentioning it was because when I woke up, there were a ton of student doctors around my bed and I was in shock and a little woozy. I will never forget the head doctor practically shouting a question at me.. it was "Do you have a history of STD's??" I was mortified. And said no...


But to this day, I think to myself.. yes.. I guess I do. I have no idea if it is related to H or not, but that question still haunts me.


Funny thing though, at the follow up, the doctor was quick to reassure me that I had no STD's. I looked at my husband and raised my eyebrows... we both got a chuckle out of that. I look back now and think I should have been honest, for research if anything.

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Odds are it wasn't Herpes ... occasionally people just get weird random infections like yours ... if anything it's more likely if it was on an ovary that the sperm in the semen from your hubby somehow managed to carry the staph to the ovary ... one of those things that goes against all the "norms" ... but it happens. Like the stories I've heard of 2 different women who had a baby and a few days later got some kind of massive infection in their arms and legs and had to have them all amputated ... how the hell does a massive infection get in like that after childbirth???? My point is that these things are rare but it happens. :/


Glad you came through it alright.

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