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needing some clarification

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Ok i may be wrong here or misinformed and in that case feel free to correct me. Well when I had my first OB i had to be hospitalized and the doctor literally new nothing - I mean he didn't even know about shedding.So I went to the clinic and got tested for everything and the results came back as GHSV 1. Anyway more to the point maybe I'm wrong here but since something like 80% have the virus orally your most likely going to contract in some shape or form in your life time. Well anyway this is the part that's causing me utter confusion but genital HSV1 literally sheds 3-5 % and without any proper proper protection been taken while orally its like 9-18%. Realistically since most people have or will have the virus they have a level of immunity to it and then when you add anti viral and condoms to the mix the chance of passing it on is so low is like point nothing of a per cent (im still well aware there is a chance even though very small of passing it on both orally and genitally) So this part where I feel like someone needs to correct me but isn't better having genital HVS1 better then orally in terms of passing it on yet everyone is freaking out about it. I'm not using this as a justification to not disclosing because right now i think it just makes the bullshit of the stigma even higher when its nearly laughable at this sage because who here has used protection for oral sex. So I'm right to call a complete bullshit on this stigma.

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Yes agreed. It is a complete paradox that exists because of the ignorance of the public. Oral HSV-1 is not stigmatized, and although more contagious in the oral region, we do not require disclosure for oral HSV-1 infections. Genital HSV-1, the EXACT same virus, is less contagious yet we require disclosure and is highly stigmatized by society. This probably mostly due to the fact most people are unaware that HSV-1 can be transmitted via oral sex. Combine a complete inadequate sex education program in the US with our antiquated ideas about sexual tabooism, and you have a perfect storm for stigma and judgement.

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Hey Newbie! Yep, you're right. It's pretty backwards. But how I see it, it's less stigma on the virus itself and more the stigma that our culture has on sex in general. All of the sudden, when you can get a virus via sex, it somehow renders it more shameful than if you can get it when grandma kisses you with a cold sore.


And for stigma and shame to be reduced in our culture, we get to talk about it with potential intimate partners from an unashamed/unstigmatized place. That's what the Herpes Opportunity is all about. We are a stand for transparency and letting partners know to grow trust and intimacy. In that way, shame and stigma have nowhere to land. It's only in the shadows of hiding that these kinds of things get stronger.


And Torres, you have it backwards my friend. :) It's very rare to spread genital HSV-2 to the mouth. Only 1-2% of all HSV-2 cases are oral (the rest, of course, genital). It's actually quite common for oral HSV-1 and genital HSV-1 to pass to the genitals. In fact, the NYT says that 50% of new genital HSV-1 cases are due to receiving oral sex from someone who has cold sores. And yes, 80% of Americans age 14-49 have oral HSV-1.


Here are some links and videos that go over a lot of this stuff:










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Thanks Guys for clearing it up for me! As I far as I know you can get herpes on your eye or finger so what the hell is the fuss... I think I read somewhere that by 50 and over 90% of the population have hvs 1 so we should get some decent education on this and realise ur most likely going to get hvs 1 and that ironically enough someone with genital is actually ur safest bet in terms of transmission. So my call ion the bullshit to this stigma is official !!

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You're so spot on. I have never talked to a single person who uses protection for oral sex, which is why at least 50% of new genital H cases are caused by HSV1. I had no idea it could be transmitted in that way until it was too late. The stigma mainly has to do with America's view of sex, as Adrial said. People with STDs are seen as "dirty" or "unclean" thanks to the Victorian Era people trying to shame sex for pleasure. Anyone who is sexually active, even taking every single precaution, is STILL at risk for contracting an STD. It's just like you can take evrry precaution to avoid catching q cold - wash your hands, eat and sleep well, take vitamins - and even though you're less likely to catch a cold, you still could certainly catch one. That's how I explain it to people who are doubtful at least, and it usually makes the lightbulb go off and shuts them up lol. It's just an unfortunate part of life.

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