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Any of you "Guys " have this problem ?

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I am going on around 2 half month or so and still have a lot of tingling down there? Main thing is my junk is always small like I just got out of freezing water or something I was thinking it was my nerves because they have been shot but now I think this is a part of H?it gets hard no problem but after just goes back to hiding?have any of you had this problem has it got better? Not sure if the tenderness on my head that is making it do that or what but it's real old.Also have antivirals made you wake up covered in sweat this happened at first and now again when I started back? I don't feel right in my own skin my hole bottom half feels out of whack. How am I to feel better when have this going on? I have tried to be happy today but it's hard just thanking god I still have a family is all I need.the peeing thing has gotten some better but not flowing normal and when I masturbated after long time I could tell that didn't come out normal I defiantly feel there is some kind of blockage?

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This isn't just a guy thing ... some people (men AND women) get the nerve pain/tingling/etc.... as I have told you several times, this IS normal for some AND it WILL get better over time but you just need PATIENCE GRASSHOPPER .... I know it is uncomfortable right now .... but you just have to believe me when I say that you just have to ride this part out ....


Don't know if the antivirals are causing the sweats, or it *could* be your body fighting the virus .... if you figure out it's the meds maybe you should try the L-Lysine option that we have suggested here ....


How am I to feel better when have this going on?


You just have to TRUST us when we say that "this too shall pass" .... and FOCUS on that beautiful wife and child...don't *try* to be happy .... look at that child of yours and you will find happiness in his innocence and love ... happiness is a CHOICE that you can make even in the most trying of times. ;)


And again, you just plain need to get a DOCTOR to look at the blockage issue ... we cannot diagnose it on here and it really needs to be looked at


Now go and have a beautiful Christmas with your family.... (((HUGS)))

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get thee to a doctor. I know we lambast them on their herpes knowledge but they are useful in other ways and blockage sounds like myriad other things, prostrate, kidney stone, etc.


I experienced some odd, fever like symptoms here and there. I didn't have a temp but felt like it. BUT I work outdoors and florida is an odd place weather wise, esp this time of year. was 80F and sunny yesterday for high, today it barely made it out of the 50s and was overcast. the human body reacts oddly to these fluctuations.

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Blockage issue needs to be addressed by a MD... As far your wanker seeming smaller, probably just stress or cold weather.. Some days mine looks like a valiant champion and I want to show it off, other days looks more like a grub worm with a turtle neck on.. I wouldn't worry about that issue.. Night sweats are not a common side effect of anti virals I don't believe, but people have reported strange side effects.. That could also be stress.. Ask your doc when you go

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Thanks beachdude were the same age if you were born in 84. I also live at the beach don't even have it in me to paddle out I'm so pissed at myself and in dark place.in wetsuit now but around the house it hurts to just where board shorts have to put on underwear. Can't or don't feel like doing my life long passion that's how I know I'm real bad place if I don't want to paddle out.would always rub lil raw when I surf a lot now I feel that's going to bring on ob?

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Yea I was born in 84. I surfed when I was younger but lost interest in it. I still go to the beach often to party, go to concerts, or fish. Yea if your having an OB, board shorts and surfing might be uncomfortable. Otherwise I wouldn't about some rubbing bringing on an OB, and certainly wouldn't keep it from doing something I loved. I see you stressing about this hard, but I promise it does get a lot easier. Everyone telling you this doesn't make it easier now, but try to take comfort in the fact that you will feel normal again. I've had H almost 10 years and I rarely get symptoms now, and when I do it's very mild. Try to be patient and bear it out, bro.

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