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Inflammation of the cervix/urethra. Have any of you had this due to herpes?

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I have been dealing with a inflamed urethra for of two months now. I had my first ob and the sores have healed but this has not much just being able to pee somewhat normal. I can feel it very much all day and at this moment.its called Urethritis and when I went to to urologist and told him my issues and that I felt it was from H he should of known of this being my symptoms are spot on"irritation and inflammation in the urethra.Itching and burning near opening of the penis.it is caused by viruses HSV,HPV,and Cytomegalovirus.How could a professional just wave me off and not even have a clue? How do I get a doc to give me meds when I have no sores.For the cervix my wife is having that issue and the first STI they list is herpes. She has been told by two family practitioners that it's not H just by them looking at it no blood test or swob i just feel there both off.She has a lil blisters that have not changed in six weeks those docs said it was hemangioma? They look nothing like that to me.Cervix inflammation is called cervicitis and this is one thing that stuck out.The STI that frequently cause the condition can damage the reproductive system over time. For this any symptom of Urethritis/ Cervicitis should be brought to physician ASAP. Please let me know if any of you have had this happen.

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I don't know what to say any more about your issue but for one last time regarding your wife .. I've said time and again... STAY AWAY FROM FAMILY PRACTITIONERS if at all possible and get her to an OBGYN ... FP's and most clinics have no idea about dealing with Herpes and most female issues. Once again we can't give you any more info than we have....


As for you, I know you said there is no Planned Parenthood near you but it may be worth seeking one out ... One last possibility for you may be an Infectious Disease Specialist ... beyond that I don't know what to tell you

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Yea I figured the ladies at heath dep would have known more? Yep I guess I will try that specialist I have called a few time but need a to drop off paper work that I have to there office first.not really asking anyone to say anything just want to know if anyone here has had same problems.as I feel it's all due to H.with info on both problems saying hsv virus can be the cause.i just took bath helped some but still feel it. The only thing I can think is to go on daily antivirals for a bit see if it helps? But last time I asked for refill she told me no need because there were no sores! I realize know the night sweats was my body on over drive trying to get this bs out of me to only not be able to.still going on not as bad

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Inflammation can result from any untreated infection in a particular area. Herpes can disrupt the balance of flora "down there" for women, leaving us vulnerable to other infections (e.g., yeast/bacteria) as well. So, this may or may not have started as herpes (only a qualified doctor will be able to help you get to the bottom of that), but I would guess that at this point something else is going on, too (possibly in addition to the herpes).


I agree that family practitioners don't know a lot about herpes, but I would hope they'd be able to recognize a "textbook" case. And this does not sound like a textbook case of anything in particular.


Has she been treated for anything at this time? I think in another post you said she was diagnosed with BV? Have they at least given her meds (metronidazole or clindamycin usually) for that? Neither will hurt her if it ends up being something else, including H. My doctor prescribed me metronidazole at the same time that she took a culture for BV once (so, we didn't know if it was going to be positive for bacteria yet).


Also, I'm sorry, because I haven't read all of your posts, but you asked how to get a doctor to give you meds when you have no sores. Did you have a positive test for herpes (I think I remember you saying somewhere you did)? If that's the case, you don't need sores to be present to get meds, you can just ask for them. Call the doctor who gave you the positive results and ask him/her for a prescription. If s/he won't prescribe them, ask for your medical record and take the test results to a doctor who will.


Of course, I have no idea if this will be your experience, too, but I have to agree that it is time to seek out a specialist, perhaps in another area from the one you live in, since it has been so difficult for you to get the kind of care you need where you are. If you are able to get to a bigger city, I would make an effort to do that. I live in a very big city and was able to be seen the same day when I had my first H outbreak, so you may be able to schedule something on short notice, and you'll have more options in terms of specialists.


Just a thought - I know it's not possible for everyone, but it just seems like you are getting nowhere with your local doctors.

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No the last doc told her BV will clear up that she doesn't need anymore meds as she is on antibiotics and taking some of my left over antivirals.she is breast feeding and told that is to much at one time on baby! Her obgyn should be calling today but said they are waiting for Pap smear to come back. I would hope they would have her come in for a look.this has been very hard on us to say the least.

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I had inflammation of the cervix due to my initial outbreak, and with antivirals it cleared up after about 2 weeks. I worry she may have cervicitis because I remember you mentioning she had green discharge and that's common with an infection of the cervix. With herpes, symptoms eventually clear up, even without meds. Its possible BV caused her cervicitis, because an overgrowth of bacteria can wreak havoc on the internal lady parts. Instead of antibiotics she probably needs an antibacterial prescription.



here's a link


(may need to copy and paste it)


Sounds more like what she has than anything. Still, she needs medical treatment to confirm and clear it up.


HOPE this helps.

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We'll the obgyn nurse called at end of day and said they won't see her until the Pap smear comes back.we are both really freaking out everything saying that if left untreated it can move up in you and make it worse even into blood now she is feeling it in her back and higher up than before.her labs came back from walk in clinic neg for all other std that cause it but the BV could be adding to it.i was told by a hotline that hsv can only make it discomfiting not cause PID only bacteria can do that so just worried it's the BV doing it but usually isn't the cause.i almost feel I should have her go to er but don't think they can do much but another pap as were waiting on one to come back.If those docs would of realized what it is but they are basing it off looks. This is bs they don't have more info on this if it's so common.

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The ER won't do you any good... they really are not well equipped to deal with this. She put off going to the Dr and unfortunately at this point you just have to wait for the results. The Dr's have done the right thing (the Pap smear) and right now they can ONLY base their possible diagnosis on looks.... AND at the same time, I've said all along that the OBGYN is your best bet ... so when the Pap smear comes back you can get in and get it take care of.

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