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So Overwhelming

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I was just diagnosed with hsv2 on wednesday. Omg, im so overwhelmed. I am reading what i should and shouldnt eat, drink, wear...holy moly. Then I read excessive exercise can cause outbreaks. My meals consist of smoothies with nuts, seeds, fruits, yogurt and protein powders. From what i understand i can only have the fruit and yogurt part of it. I also hike, run, and workout in the gym...Im ready to cry.

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Hi @cariboo! I did the same thing when I was diagnosed about 5 months ago. Gradually I worked back to my regular exercie and diet regimen. Everybody is different, and what affects others, may not affect you. For me, I found that having the stress relief effects of exercise far outweigh the physical stress. I also work out about 6 days per week. I haven't run much (due to injury), so I can't speak to that. The few times I have run have been fine. I also hike, use the elliptical, and do hot vinyasa yoga. It really is just a process of getting to know yourself in a whole new way :)


Funny thing - I initially cut out all sugar, alcohol, coffee, chocolate, seeds, and popcorn. This pretty much covers my favorite indulgences. I eventually worked back to pre-HSV intake and was fine. Oddly enough, after giving up sugar and alcohol for January, I've had constant prodrome. Can't quite understand how this works.


Also, I had a lot of prodrome symptoms in the beginning. I ended up going with an antiviral for a bit to allow my body time to adjust. Overall, for me, the most important factor is making sure I get enough sleep. Rest when you feel tired. And if you feel worn out, it's okay to take it easy on working out. Best of luck :)

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Don't sweat it hun! Even though I am in better check of what I eat, I still splurge on chocolate, peanut butter, and the same foods I ate before having herpes and the only time I had an outbreak was from having sex the first time. My diet didn't effect anything at all. Hell, I even drink alcohol and wine and don't have any issues. For some people especially in the first year their body is sensitive to many things and certain foods and exercise can trigger outbreaks but that doesn't mean it happens to everyone. You should be fine but if you start to notice anything funny afterwards then get a jumpstart on your antivirals and you should be okay.

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Thank you for sharing your experiences. I think Im going to continue what Im doing and see what happens. I will go crazy if I cannot workout and run. I eat very healthy, but I dont eat meat so i tend to eat a lot of nuts and stuff. I started taking lysine and probiotic supplements each day.

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Everyone has to find out what works and what doesn't for themselves. The "don't do/eat" list is really a guide of the known triggers ... AND things change over time as your body gets a better control of the virus, as your hormones change, as life stresses alter, etc. I went through a spell where a certain trail mix that had nuts and chocolate would trigger me ... I was in full menopausal hormonal yo-yo time ... and divorce. Once that all settled I was able to go back to all the chocolate and nuts I could ever want ;)


Biggest thing with exercise: don't wear things that rub you, get out of sweaty things asap and wash off and DRY the are well (use a blow drier on low) and go commando when you can ;)



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