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Do I have herpes? Or is this something else?

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Not sure if this is herpes or not please help!

On New Years I had unprotected sex with a guy I know and he usually doesn't use condoms with his other partners. I shaved 2 days after and was pretty rough down there..the next day I woke up and looked and saw a bunch of bumps down there. At first they were itchy and they eventually spread to my butthole. A few days later and the bumps are still there..most of them are little clear blister like and the others are "open" sores that look like a mosquito bite. It burns when I pee and its unbareable. Im not sure if this sounds like herpes or another infection from shaving. Im going to the gynecologist this week but I can't stand not knowing. Please tell me what you think

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I agree. I also want to encourage you to have the sores swabbed (asap). When I had my first (and so far only) outbreak, the doctor I saw didn't swab, she only did a blood test. A blood test won't be accurate now, and while I did get medication which gave me very fast relief, I had to wait several more weeks to learn I actually had herpes. This was extremely emotionally stressful, and as you may learn if you read certain discussions on this site, not all doctors are up to date with the latest herpes information, so you need to advocate for yourself and insist on having the sores swabbed if it is not initially offered.


Good luck! If you learn you do have herpes, it's not the end of the world (although thay first outbreak certainly feels like it). The people on here will support you.

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Hello and Welcome!


I have to be very blunt here... there's no way to know without you getting a swab... even with photos, you can't diagnose H by visual or written description. You *could* have a really nasty shaving rash, you *could* have Herpes. If they can't get you in today or tomorrow, find a Planned Parenthood/STD clinic because the window for a successful swab is very small.


Tip for peeing while you wait... either sit in a warm bath or pour warm water over the area while you pee... it will help a lot! And keep the area dry. As soon as you get the swab, you can start Epsom Salts baths and other things to help to get it to dry up, but I wouldn't do that before you get the swab...


If it *is* herpes, you will be FINE and we will help you through the days post diagnosis... I've had it 35 yrs and I've had everything any H- person has had ... 20 yr marriage (divorced for non-h reasons), babies, boyfriends, love, breakups, an active life and so on.


Get to your Dr or PP/STD clinic ASAP, get the swab, then we will help you with the rest. In the meantime, get educated about how you might avoid getting it if you are H- in the future, and how to protect a partner if you do have it... Education is the key to empowerment ... and we want everyone here to leave here empowered no matter what their status is ;)




Handouts + disclosure e-book:





Herpes facts video
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PS: If you find out this isn't Herpes, let it be a wake-up call for you to be more cautious with your sexual health. GET EDUCATED about ALL the STD's .. (ie: condoms do NOT give 100% protection against herpes and HPV). YOU have to take responsibility for your health ... which means making sure at te very least that you ALWAYS use a condom and that preferably you make sure every partner is FULLY tested (ie... odds are they have not been tested for Herpes... make sure they understand that) ... and know that there's still a chance you will get one of the 40 varieties of HPV (most are harmless... only 4-6 cause cancer and 2 cause genital warts) ... because they can't test men for it at this time :(


Sex is a beautiful thing ... but there is always a risk when you are with a new partner of something going wrong (because pregnancy is another risk) ... a good life well lived includes risks ... we get in a car every day knowing we could be killed or injured too. BUT, a smart person takes precautions to minimze that risk ... and a smart sexually active person will take charge of their sexual health ;)



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