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Could this be herpes???

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A couple months ago I had an exposure I barely remember . A few days later I had a feeling down feeling as if I had a flu of some sort. I look on my penis and and I saw a red pimple looking thing forming . I just shaved there so it could've been an ingrown hair but then it turned to a biggish pimple looking thing. It did t hurt just tingled a bit but because it's flu like symptoms and ONE pimple on my penis does this sound like it could be herpes?? I wore. A condom but I still can't sleep due to the anxiety what should I do ?? It's been about two months now and I haven't seen any more pimples.

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If it was a few months ago, you can go to the doctor and ask for a blood test; it should be accurate by now. If the test is negative, you may want to go again in two more months (so, 4 months post exposure), which should be definitive.


If you get anymore pimples/bumps down there, have them seen by a doctor ASAP so they can be swabbed and tested.


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It could be, but molluscum will usually not go away for at least a few months unless it is treated (by being frozen off). It is true that it's caused by a virus that your body can generally take care of on its own (but it can also be treated very easily by a dermatologist).


I don't think you should drive yourself crazy worrying that this is herpes, but no one can diagnose you on the Internet and I do think if you suspect exposure to herpes and had flu like symptoms, it is worth at least getting tested.

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Hello and Welcome!


As has already been stated, we cannot diagnose on here... and your symptoms are not at all clear anyway... your very best bet is to just go get tested about 4 months post exposure ... at that point odds are you will have the antibodies if you have it ...


You *could* have just had an ingrown hair from irritation from the edge of the condom, you *could* have herpes. Without a blood test at this point there is no way to know for sure.... you can go to Planned Parenthood or a STD clinic for testing ... sometimes they will give you a special rate if you have to pay cash.


Now, I'm going to paste exactly what I just wrote to someone else who is in a similar situation as you are:


If you find out this isn't Herpes, let it be a wake-up call for you to be more cautious with your sexual health. GET EDUCATED about ALL the STD's .. (ie: condoms do NOT give 100% protection against herpes and HPV). YOU have to take responsibility for your health ... which means making sure at te very least that you ALWAYS use a condom and that preferably you make sure every partner is FULLY tested (ie... odds are they have not been tested for Herpes... make sure they understand that) ... and know that there's still a chance you will get one of the 40 varieties of HPV (most are harmless... only 4-6 cause cancer and 2 cause genital warts) ... and they can't test men for it at this time :(


Sex is a beautiful thing ... but there is always a risk when you are with a new partner of something going wrong (because pregnancy is another risk) ... a good life well lived includes risks ... we get in a car every day knowing we could be killed or injured too. BUT, a smart person takes precautions to minimze that risk ... and a smart sexually active person will take charge of their sexual health ;)




Handouts + disclosure e-book:




Herpes facts video
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