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The guy who gave me herpes apologized ...

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Something I definitely did not see coming. He called me, sincerely apologizing for giving it to me. He admitted he was angry and confused when I told him to get tested and he found out he was positive for HSV2. He was sure he got it from me but after I explained the situation of him having no symptoms and still being able to transmit, and the results of my test being negative while his was positive, I guess he needed to process it all. He told me he got saved and has been regularly going to church and completely changed his life. He also admitted he missed me. I am so overwhelmed with emotions.


He and I both considered Herpes as a life saver, because if it weren't for us being diagnosed, we probably would've continued going down that path of dating casually and having no strings attached sex and could've possibly ended up with something much worse. So we are grateful for Herpes being our reality check and allowing us to be more responsible.


As for the guy with HSV2 I met online and was dating, coincidentally, I broke up with him just hours before all of this happened. I wasn't feeling as appreciated as I should. Just because I have this doesn't make me any less of a person, I still deserve to be desired and treated with respect, I didn't feel that from him so I ended it.


I guess everything in life truly happens for a reason. I don't know what the future holds, but I am optimistic in it holding something great for me.

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Omg that's wonderful, so will you guys be getting back together? That's very nice when someone reaches out to apologize esp the giver who realizes it. I'm glad peace is being made in your situation. :) Also seeing Hsv as a lifesaver is a nice perspective to take on. Who knows, maybe moving fwd you guys will pursue something serious together. Great post

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I had a feeling he would come back eventually. Glad you received some sort of closure from his apology. Sometimes just letting things be, letting go in the moment is the best (yet most difficult) thing that we can do. I keep this quote handy to remind myself that in reality, life and other people's reactions are completely out of my control: "Never expect, never assume, never ask, and never demand. Just let it be. Because if it is meant to be, it will happen, the way you want things to be."


Side note, take some time to really think through if you want his man back in your life intimately. Staying friends is one thing, but there were other characteristics about him that you expressed earlier on that might be cause for concern. Of course, it's your choice and you will make the best decision for you, but just be cautious.

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Yeah, I don't want to get back with him...especially not now. I just missed having him as my friend more than anything. Us being intimate was a big mistake. We should have kept it strictly platonic. Then again I'm glad this happened with him of all people, instead of say, the guy I just broke it off with. He was a jerk and I would've felt the pain of violation from an A**hole all my life. There just aren't a lot of guys like my friend (we'll call him Nick) I can vent and talk to and have them truly understand me like he does. That's why we were so close. I know he did do a lot of things that were douchebaggy, he even owned up to that and apologized for it also, but I'm not ready to date anybody right now. So yeah, I will be much smarter this time around.

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So glad to hear this! Like I said at the time... sometimes guys have to run to their cave and hide when the shit hits the fan ... and you have to decide if this is the kind of person you want in your life. Now, it *may* be that he finally "grew up" with all this, but as you both said, you now know you both deserve more .. and hopefully both of you will manage to find a life partner (or even just someone who you share part of your life with) who supports you and builds you up.....


And good for you for realizing that just because someone had H doesn't make them a good partner either ... I have to say I was concerned that you jumped into that one so fast because him having Herpes let you bypass the "vetting" stage that Herpes makes most of us take so that you see how they treat you when sex isn't involved ;)


(((HUGS))) chica - you will be fine ... you are one hot young lady and smart too ... and someday a guy will come along and see all of that and APPRECIATE it ... they can be hard to find but they are out there :)



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Thank you for that :) @WCSdancer you're right. I appreciate the time I spent with the guy I met recently. It wasn't completely all bad, but there were things about him I couldn't see myself putting up with. He was very childish and sometimes brash. I could see that getting old with me very quickly. His time in my life did serve a purpose, it helped distract me from my heartache of losing Nick and it gave me hope in finding someone in the future. I'm thankful for that. It had its fun times, but it wasn't meant to be permanent and I sensed that going into it. We still talk as friends also, and it will stay that way lol.

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