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Thyroid disfunctions and herpes?

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Anything that affects your immune system will have an effect on herpes ... plain and simple. Sometimes dealing with whatever else is compromising your system will help to get the H under control.... so if you are dealing with thyroid issues, see what you can do there to help your body to get back into balance ... it won't hurt anything, that's for sure!

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Interesting stuff ... I was unaware of the *possible* Thyroid connection with herpes ... but what I'm finding is conflicting stuff ... some saying HSV1 (no mention anywhere of HSV2, BTW) affects the Thyroid ... other reports saying that the Thyroid affects the latency and activation of HSV1... don't have time to research it more right now but I'll be looking into it further...though the one thing I found with the easiest to understand medical terminology leans towards the thyroid being what affects HSV1 OB's ... not the other way around.

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She gave me beta blockers for my symptoms before the results came back. They're actually used to treat a misbehaving thyroid. Now I have to wait 3 months and check again to see if it changes. I don't think I had a test before, so it could have been like that for years.

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I have had thyroid issues since 2000 but was only diagnosed with HSV2 this past summer. Mine is autoimmune thyroiditis (aka Hashimoto's) which means I have compromised immunities. I looked for some kind of connection in regards to outbreaks and thyroid and didn't come up with much either.


I can say that after my initial outbreak, I didn't have anything until currently and it happened around my period. In December I found out that my thyroid levels were really out of whack and I wondered if that was part of the reason I'm experiencing another outbreak. Having said that, I am going through a break-up and am having severe stress at work, so I'm thinking the combination has re-ignited the HSV2.


I believe I am also Peri-menopausal, and after re-reading over this site, I see from @WCSDancer2010 that could be a trigger. Everything hits at once!

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