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question for males with genital herpes (hsv1) regarding prodrome tingling

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@Bslydell and @whitedaisies

In Canada (alberta anyway) the HSV testing is virtually non existent. They will generally only swab an active sore AND will NOT do a blood test for HSV! I called health link numerous times to find out how and if I could get tested and was told that they don't test for herpes since there is nothing they can do for it anyway. I did get in touch with a infectious disease doctor who said he would do it for me and my partner but that was considered "special treatment". I went in with an active sore to get the diagnosis via swab (which btw, hurts like hell because they literally dig at the sore to get as much of the virus as possible). I knew I had herpes, I just need the test to get valtrex. In the US it sounds like you have way more options to get tested. That may be due to our universal health care. So, depending on where you live, not all of these tests are provided so asking around is the right thing to do. This site is a great resource for info and support from all over the world.

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I am from Canada too. Honestly the process here sucks!!!!!!!!! Easy for people who have classic herpes lesions and not at all for people wondering teir status and needing blood tests. I am a flag waver and love canada but hsv diagnosis has driven me batty. I would agree with your experience fitgirl. You have to demand blood test and sometimes it's on deaf ears but u keep trying. Good for you for beig persistent. And also they only swab anything that presents itself as classic.


But doing it urself w westover heights is what I recommend for swabs. Blood tests can only be done in the states for western blot.


Anyway good luck

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Kind of off the current subject here, but I have been wondering this. Heard a lot of talk about eating chocolate and nuts can cause/affect an outbreak. Not sure if any of you experience this. What I am wondering is that are these foods not good to eat while having an outbreak or they cause outbreaks? I kind of want to eat a bunch of chocolate or nuts too see if anything happens.

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You don't order the tests on the WH site ... you need to do a phone consult ($5/minute) then they will determine what is best for your situation.


Clinic,http://westoverheights.com/ (503) 226-6678


As for nuts and chocolate... *some* people have issues with them ... the problem is with maintaining a reasonable Lysine/Argenine balance in the system (and how your body deals with that). I went through a spell 10 yrs ago where I got OB's from a trail mix that had both ... lasted about a year (I think it was because I was going through menopause AND a tough break-up) but now I can eat all I want of either ...




http://www.sandiegohomeopathy.com/downloads/Lysine_Arginine_Foods.pdf Lysine Arginine ratio of foods

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You go forward :)

Educate yourself and be mindful that you have herpes. Take care of your body,mind and spirit. Remember... its JUST herpes. It's not a life sentence, don't let it consume you. Your life is still the life you want it to be, letting a rash get in the way of that would be a waste :)

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