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Starting to wonder if what I have is really herpes.

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I'm new here, first post. Glad I found this place. I was

diagnosed with herpes at a urgent care walk in clinic almost 4 years ago. I seem to have the classic symptoms, ongoing outbreaks, sores that hurt like hell, take acyclovir with outbreaks. But..when I look at pics of herpes online, I've never seen pics that look like what I have. My sores NEVER tingle OR itch. And they sure don't look like blisters and they don't grow in small clusters. I typically have 3-6 mostly huge, up to 3/4"+ ulcers filled with white gunk. They're on the inside of my inner lips. My outbreaks haven't gotten better. I have had several mild outbreaks, but I am just healing from my 4th massive outbreak where even increasing acyclovir to the prescribed outbreak dosage, I don't heal as quickly as I should. I'm hoping to post a pic in here. I've been checked for HIV, Syphilis, and every other main STD. I finally just got my first herpes test done 2 dad ago, cannot wait for the results. It looks like I have chancroid. But why would it come back unless my partner of 4 years keeps re infecting me with him showing no symptoms. We always use condoms. Did not in the beginning cause I apparently had no STD's. After having sex with him for I dunno how long 1-4 weeks, I'm doing my best to figure it out, I broke out with sores. My first outbreak, a sore was so large it left a big scar. Anyone??

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Hello and Welcome!


How were you diagnosed? Blood test? Swab? Visual? If it was visual, that's not a diagnosis.... swabs are pretty accurate if tey show positive... blood tests have their issues and it would depend on what your numbers were.


As for what H looks like, there's actually anumber of ways that H presents ... blisters, "papercuts", hard pimples and "ulcers". So it's possible that you have an accurate diagnosis ....


The other problem is that antivirals don't work for everyone ..just as some people never have an OB and some can't get them to stop. Even though there are articles and such that tell you what Herpes *looks/acts*, there's actually a VERY broad set of symptoms and experiences out there....


Condoms only protect the area that they cover so if your issues are on the inner lips odds are that the condom isn't protecting that area if it's something other than H that your guy is passing back to you.


Right now your best bet is to wait for the results ... once you have them, we can guide you about how to deal with it better. In the meantime, whatever it is, try an Epsom Salts bath (dump about 2 handfulls right between your legs so it's concentrated there) and then pat dry and then blow dry the area on low ... get rid of all the moisture that you can ... and go commando when you can ... see if that helps ... anything that makes those kind of sores usually can get knocked down if you can dry the area out ... ;)



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thank you dancer! My first "diagnosis" was simply visual. Looking back, I don't trust that doctor, it was from a small town, and the doctor's there often were just terrible. I just had my first ever saw test. The sore had been there for over a week so hopefully it's accurate. I know they can be ulcer type sores, but mine still are not typical at all. Is it okay to post pictures on this site? I really want to, to get other's opinions. Paper cuts, to pimples, to ulcers, there must be several different types of HSV 2 then? hmm. Thank you for your response. I very much look forward to the results. Now if I can only get my partner to get tested. He's never had an outbreak so he would have to get a blood test right?

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Pre diagnose I initially hoped that my herpes was actually Chancroid. As you probably know Chancroid is treatable with antibiotics. My H started as one, big single "crater" looking ulcer. The research I did on it seemed to indicate it normally only shows up as one sore, not in a cluster like H usually is. A few days later I did get the multiple smaller blisters and that's when I was pretty certain it was H. I would have taken Chancroid over H any day, but I wasn't so lucky.


A diagnose should bring you piece of mind, even if you do turn out having H. Let us know how it turns out.

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I'm having the exact same issue except I just got back my test results. Both swab & blood test were negative. I was tested 2 days after the initial outbreak so they should have had a very active sample. I also tested negative for all other STD's. They did say however that I had Bacterial Vaginosis. Could this be what is causing this? So confused.

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Well, a lot of the issue with the swab depends on both getting it done at the "right" time AND the ability of the person doing the swab ... and even then, you just may not get a good catch. If you were just exposed the blood test would come back negative.


So what did you OB look like? BV causes itching and discharge but not blisters/lesions. It's entirely possible to have both at the same time which can make things difficult to diagnose.


I personally would go back for a blood test at 4 months ... by that time you should get a reasonably accurate result.... and until then, play REALLY safe ...

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