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Question for the ladies: Does herpes medication cause vaginal dryness?

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ok, this might be a TMI question.... But does Herpes or the anti virals cause vaginal dryness? Ive never had an issue with this before, but it seems like "things" arent happening down there. Not sure if it is due to the virus, the meds, or if its just in my head because Im so nervous about actually having sex since the diagnoses.

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I haven't experienced any of that... but everyone reacts differently to medications, so it's possible. It could also be a psychological barrier... the mind is very powerful, so if you are nervous and scared, that could play a role. Might want to consider trying a different antiviral to see if that helps? And maybe use lubricant until you start feeling more comfortable about everything. I'll quote what someone recently said to me: "Don't let herpes rob you of your sexuality"... do you what you need to do to get your sexy-self back!

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I've never experienced that... I'd guess it's your head getting involved. Have you tried some of the non-insertion ideas we've posted on here? I suggest you at least start with them, take lots of time and really work on fore-play and non-insertion sex for awhile... it can take your sex life to a whole new level and it will help you to learn to trust your body again :)


And BTW, NOTHING is TMI here... how else can we help you if we can't discuss these things like adults? :)



http://herpeslife.com/herpes-forum/discussion/5807/list-the-ways-to-protect-my-partner-from-getting-herpes-hsv2 Safe alternatives to sex

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I havent tried anything yet. Havent actually had sex for a very long time... but do read the occasional book...lol.

It probably is my head involved. Im sure it will pass. Hard to feel "sexy" when still accepting I guess.

Ive started working out harder again and it does help with the busy mind. I guess the rest will come.

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