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its been 5 months to date just about.

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I'm 22 years oleander found out ihad herpes in the first week of September. Wensday will be the day iwent into the doctors office and was told what ihad was most likely herpes. Its been one hell of a ride since. Here's my story.


The third week of August itook a trip to Washington. Iwas in a relationship with my bf at the time we were together a year and a half. While iwas up there idecided when igot home iwas going to leave him due to some past stuff that happened and icouldnt get over. The day after igot back idumped him and that same night iwas going to a party to gogo dance for a friend (he's a DJ and needed girls to dance). My friend and his Gf came over and itold them iwas breaking up with my bf. They said the Guy who was picking us up to take us to the party was single and nice and totally my style so isaid ok and went along with it. When imet him instant butterflies. In the car we all were talking and itold my friend Gf ithought he was cute and so we made a stop at 7/11 and when we got back in the car she said he was really digging me. Long story short we hit it off and after the party was done we all went back to his house. Iended up hooking up with him and the next morning he asked me out and asked me to stay for dinner. Iaccepted. If felt like iwas happy and this Guy was so perfect. Iremember a couple days after it hurt down there and ithought it was just chaffing cuz he had stubble and went down on me. Itold him and he said if itvot worse go to the doctor. So imade an appointment for wensday. When iwent in itold her ithought it was chaffing and she said ok and instantly when she looked she said hunny that's herpes. I instantly broke down and she comforted me and told me so many people have it and she was sorry itold her he had a cold sore when he went down on me and she said that was one way to contract it. Ileft the doctors office and itold him all that she told me and he asked if igot it from my ex. My first OB was terrible. Icouldnt sit or stand or walk or sit of even lay down without crying in pain. Iended up in the hospital and they gave me morphine there and prescribed me nor cos.itook it once and didn't like the feeling so inever ttook it again. As time progressed he turned out to be a verybad Guy. Whenever we fought he said "Ihope whenever you have a OB and think of me". He cheats on me nd lied about his whole life to me. Imoved in with him and he ended up getting kicked out because he had a fist fiht with my Roomate in the livingroom cuz my Roomate thought he had laid hands on me again. We moved inti my parents house and then things got really Rocky. The middle of December my ex ihad left came back into the picture. So iwas torn. We had been talking and GE told me he still loved me and wanted me back. Ihung out with him for 2 weeks and noticed he had changed for the better.iended up telling my ex ihad herpes....to my surprise he didn't care!!! He told me he loved me the same and something like that isn't a big deal. Iended up breaking up with my bf and got back with my ex. Its been a month since idumoed him and got with my ex. I'm the happiest ihave been in a lONG time!!!! My current bf and ihad unprotected sex during an OB and he contracted it too. Ifelt so much guilt and terrible but he told me it didn't matter. Were engaged and plan on getting married. This has been a long journey so far.


Sorry this is so long but ilearned to love myself and what ihave isn't a life ending this. Its just a skin condition that can be helped since ibroke up with that low life andgm got back with my ex ihave had NO OB!!!!! Life is life and I've come to terms wig what ihave and have a support system ad my friends that know havbt judged me they Yvette been there fir me there it all. Fir those of you struggling it will get better ipromise and if your lonely don't worry you'll find someone who will accept you :). Ihave a few Guy friends who've told me to then its nit a bug deal and havbt dated women who have it. You just take steps to be protected. I'm in a way happy icontracted it....I've grown up and its part of my story. Ilearned to be ok and that its not a big deal and when an oh starts take my medicine and control my stress level. Ipray and meditate and I'm starting to eat healthy and be more physically active.

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"I'm in a way happy i contracted it....I've grown up and its part of my story. I learned to be ok and that its not a big deal and when an ob starts take my medicine and control my stress level."


It was so nice to read those words. It is absolutely a part of our story. At first; it's easy to see it as a nightmare when we're not sure what's going to happen. When time goes on though and our story unfolds, we see that herpes is something that we can look at and see the opportunity of growth and love.


I'm so happy that you're happy. Thanks for the post!




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thank you!! I can relate to how you feel. It's been only 4 months that i've had this. And I am at my happiest now. i am still single haven't had the dating disclosure yet but I am in therapy and doing everything to love me for once. I feel like I don't even have it. I forget sometimes. It does get better. Thank you so much for sharing

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Love this...yes there are gifts in getting H. I have had my downs and ups and have just met an amazing man who doesn't care either...thinks I am worth it and makes me feel beautiful and cherished. I haven't had sex with him yet...we are taking it slowly and it really is lovely...if I didn't have H I would never have met him. I have grown so much through contracting it.

Thakns for the great posts...I am glad you all can appreciate the same gifts too :-) xx

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Domh21 your welcome ya icorget ihave it a lot now since ihavnt gotten OB its a great feeling as long as idont stress its all good


Leani....that's so good to hear!!! you really helped me out during my first OB and because of that ihave learned to accept it and be ok I had another account but it got deleted but ido want to thank you for everything ihad no one till ifound this site and you were the first person to talk to me....much love


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