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I never thought I would be happy again after finding out but I am :)

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4months ago I posted about how I'd successfully disclosed to a work colleague that was H negative after dating for 2 months. I just wanted to let you know how well it's gone and show you that herpes as everyone has said really isn't that big a deal, once you get the right mindset and have the outbreaks under control.


I've been taking antivirals ever since we knew we were ready to be intimate and it wasn't for my benefit, reading the stats I felt more comfortable knowing I reduced the risk of transmission whilst being on them.


To start off With i told him the stats from herpes life and what I knew from other websites. He went on to do his own research and asked me questions which I answered as best I could. When I visited my gyno, he suggested at my next appointment I bring him along so he could answer any questions. This made me really nervous and uncomfortable, what if he said something that put him off me. Still I put the suggestion forward and sure enough he thought it was a great idea.


So last week we went to the appointment and as I was having my antiviral review the gyno started asking me lots of questions about how I'd got on, what symptoms I'd had. It was so hard to do, especially in front of my new partner but he wasn't phased by it in the slightest. And all of the questions my partner asked were about me, do the tablets have any side effects, does diet have an impact. This made me feel so at ease to know he wasn't concerned by H, but rather what could be changed to benefit me. We both come out saying it was the best thing for both us because we did it together and it was all out in the open.


Now he has told me he's not bothered if he gets it, because he knows it's not that big a deal and by me sharing that moment with him he has realised how much care I've put into making sure he doesn't get it.


I guess what I am hoping to share with you by posting this is yes it's hard to disclose and answer the questions but if your open about it, your potential partner will see that it is not a big deal and you can have a relationship with a h negative person. It does get easier with time and I can't tell you how happy I am now because we have been so open from the start.


If you have any questions feel free to send me a message :)




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Congratulations! Thank you for sharing!


I love the fact that he went with you to your Dr... that's a great way for a potential partner to get info that they feel is correct and trustworthy .... so good for him for going there :)


Keep us posted about how it goes....



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