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I gave him herpes Please Help

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So a few months ago I met a guy that I was really interested in. We both knew we wanted to be sexually involved.with one another and I knew I had to tell him I have herpes. One night, Iet up with him after work and told him I have herpes and the story behind it. He was still ok with wanting to be sexually involved. Long story short, he decided to take off the condom during sex and now he has herpes and calls me every morning upset and scared. I feel awful being responsible for him now having herpes but I did inform him before hand. I don't know what to do. I just feel so bad and it bothers me everyday


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Hello and Welcome


So - he's an adult, right? And you told him the risks, right? So he made an adult choice to remove the condom and sadly he picked the wrong day to do it and you happened to be shedding and he got Herpes. That isn't your fault.


I suggest that you send him here. It would be good for him to have people who are not emotionally attached to talk to so he can get support and get informed... and it will help to take the pressure off of you to "make it better".


That said, you say it's on his neck? Well, it's not impossible but when guys get it on that area it's usually from wrestling. And if he got oral sex from you it's not going to end up on his neck. And there's no way he would get it on his neck from removing the condom.


He really needs to go to a Dr and get it checked out. You may be freaking out and taking responsibility for something that isn't Herpes .... never mind that it's not your fault.





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Well damn... But I agree with Everyone else ^ he's grown and he can make his own decisions and In all honesty it's not your responsibility to educate him on it either, it's HIS! You did your party by disclosing and taking your meds and using a condom. He decided to take the condom

Off, not you. The fact that it's on his neck doesn't seem like h at all. I get skin irritations on my arms all the time and it's not h. Keep your head up you did all you could! If he happens to catch it, we all know it's not THAT BAD! he'll live and love just like we do. Everything happens for a reason regardless of what it is. <3

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