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Rejection times 3

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If you haven't read my herpes story , ill start by saying i got herpes by giving it to myself on accident.

I was on POF(Plenty of Fish) and i met someone, we got serious and had a long distance relationship, i thought it was real, we said i love you and i thought it was real, after 2 months i told him about me having herpes and he was okay with him, and that made me love him more, this continued for 4 more months... 2 weeks ago he told me he was feeling uncomfortable about me having it and he didn't think he could be with me. saying how could he kiss his mom and all this bullshit, clearly uneducated about it, but then goes to tell me he googled it and stuff, in was stunned, after all this time? the same thing happened to me before, and before that and before that, and i told him that, so for him to do this just hurts! first he wanted a break, but it scared me cause it couldn't understand. ive been sad and depressed for 2 weeks... just on the verge of a break, one final time i messages him and he said , i don't hate you, but move on and forget about me, then deletes me off instagram.. like ugh i was up all night, and that's what i got.. i didn't have the best confidence but he helped me feel good about myself and loved and was there when no one was.. it just makes me hate myself so much... its like i tell them, there okay, then they start ignoring me ... everything changes....

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My H status is recent and I have not disclosed to anybody yet, however I can talk about life experience. Not all rejections that you will experience in life will be related to your H status. I have been rejected before H and have rejected others. My last rejection was huge. My marriage broke down, I was devastated, my self esteem was super low. Few months after I have met someone. While I still wanted to figure things out, he wanted to have a relationship with me. He was so into me and it felt good. i was so broken but I gave the relationship all of me. There was I love yous, lots of physical attraction... But than he started pulling away ... Getting close ... Pulling away again. And because my self esteem was low I kept ignoring it ... It went on for few month ... He left me, his reason was that my marriage issues were not resolved and it was too much for him to handle ... Funny thing is ... He was just in the same situation... It was just an excuse he gave me ... I was crying my eyes out for months ... Feeling unlovable .... My point is sometimes when we are down and not feeling good about ourselves we look for people to rescue us, we get attached, we don't see when things are not going the way they should and we stay in relationships past their expiry dates ... There are some people that come to our life just for a season and we mistaken them for the people that should be in our life forever. This guy was in your life to show you that you can feel loved, attractive, desirable ... That was his purpose, take that and only that from this experience.... he was there for a season ... The fact that he is stopping communication with you is because he knows he hurt you and he doesn't want to feel like a jerk and see you hurt ... because you did matter a lot ...

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Hi, I'm not sure how old you are but wanted to let you know that I'm in my forties and two friends have been recently diagnosed with cancer related to HPV. Both are professional (lawyer, IT professional) One is a woman with cervical cancer (99% of cervical cancers are caused by HPV infections earlier in life). One is a male who is recently diagnosed and doc said it looks like a form of throat cancer caused by HPV. Please, please do your research because HPV does cause cancer. There is a vaccine you can get even if your older than 26 yrs old that may prevent the strain of HPV your date has, but find out what strain it is and if the vaccine will prevent.

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