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Surprisingly its NOT the emotional part I have an issue with.... the symptoms got me at wits end

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Somebody please tell me that this gets better! Since January pretty much when I entered my third trimester of pregnancy I started having outbreaks in the vagina, ever since then the outbreaks are constant but move from one area to another. thighs inner, outer, buttocks, even my back sometimes.... the skin will burn a while then itch, most of the time I do not see anything then sometimes I will notice a little sore here or there. There is a daily itch in my vagina too. I used to have nerve pain and that went away actually. I have been on Valtrex for months now and no relief. Sometimes my skin even itches and tingles from head to toe. I am going to give up Valtrex, my diet is on point, I delivered a healthy baby but of course I do not get enough sleep, my stress levels are pretty high .... its driving me insane i have to keep my skin covered up and its brutally hot I would like to wear shorts. Emotionally I am way over that phase of anger disbelief etc. I honestly dont even care about having herpes because i im fine with who I am. I am bothered by the fact that my body isnt able to adjust.

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If this is outbreak related it could be the hormonal fluctuation and the stress of pregnancy on your body. Like you said, you're stressed and not sleeping well. It makes a lot of sense. And it will probably get better once things settle down.


It's odd that they are moving from place to place though. Usually they occur in the same area once the virus settles down. How long have you had H?


If it's not a new infection, you still have options. You could stop the valtrex and just see how your immune system deals (But wean yourself off, don't quit cold turkey). You could talk to the doctor and ask if you could either up your doses or change to a different antiviral. You could ask to have the area swabbed when a bump appears just in case you have something else going on also.


Hang in there! It sounds miserable, but usually things always get better!

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AJ2015 I'm so sorry your having a rough time! Speaking from my own experience with H and being a midwife I wonder 2 things - have you looked into the food triggers for outbreaks? It could be your consuming a lot of something that causing them. And 2 there are supplements that are safe in pregnancy to support your immune system - echinacea, garlic, lemon balm... But you need to talk to your doc about them and the meds. If they aren't working they need to be changed. There is more you can do! Don't give up! This is partly hormonal, the placenta starts pumping out growth hormones to get your baby ready for the birth.

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Thank you for your response. My diet is almost sugar free, extremely high in veggies, drink plenty of water, no grain, organic meat/fish. I am not pregnant anymore the outbreaks started in my third trimester it has now been going on for 6 months non-stop. The Valtrex is not the solution neither is Acyclovir. Tried both there isnt anything else medically speaking I can try. I have been taking multivitamin supplements, licorice root, lysine, garlic and zinc. nothing is changing.

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Hi. I just found out. I have 2 kids. One is a 5 month old baby. Are you breastfeeding??? I am pumping due to unfortunate circumstances and every time I pump I start itching uncontrollable all over my back. It is so strange. I also have had a blister on my left nipple that has been around for months. Now I am terrified that I gave it on my nipple and that I am going to spread it to my baby.

I already struggle with anxiety. It's been amped up during postpartum and now... It's almost unbearable. How have you been able to deal with the fear of transmitting it through kissing those chubby cheeks or giving butterfly kisses. My heart is breaking.

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I dont think that it would be passed on through kissing since its not in that region... yes i am breastfeeding and because I am so concerned of passing it on from my skin to his I am considering stopping. I didnt have any issues above the belt until a few days ago and funny enough its my back that is burning and itching but no sores. The outbreaks are continuous but for the last six months always below the belt so I have learn to stay covered. My heart is breaking too at the idea that I may have passed it on to either one of my children but I keep reminding myself that this is NOT life threatening. Frankly, it would not be a big deal to me if I had figured out a way to control it. Its such a huge deal because its a non stop issue and this is not all that common. I am frustrated and I would like to cuddle with both of my kids in peace smh.

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