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Question About Valtrex and transmission

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I was told by a woman I had sex with last night that she has been on Valtrex for a bit over a year. She has had two small reoccurrences in that time. The last was 5 weeks ago. Before having sex with a condom I performed oral and also engaged in genital to genital rubbing where my penis touched areas that had been initially affected. I do not have HSV2. What is my risk that I may become infected from this skin to skin contact with no visible symptoms–I am aware of viral shedding–How much does Valtrex lower my risk? I have seen numbers from 5-10%



Thank you all so much

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You can look on the welcome page and download the pamphlets. I believe they have the statistics you are looking for. Or you can scroll the forum and look for similar posts. I've never memorized the transmission stats because I think sometimes it's just luck of the draw, and there are too many variables.


What type does she have? You said you do not have HSV2, do you have HSV1? Have you had a blood test for both?


If she has HSV2 the risks for transmitting during oral sex are low. If she has HSV1 then the risk would be a little different. As for the rubbing, that depends on many things. The type she has, your immune system, if there are microtears on either of you, if she was shedding.


If you are really concerned, you can get the blood test. But keep in mind those are not always 100% accurate and also, if you haven't had one before, there is a possibility you already have the virus.

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I was tested 2 weeks ago and only carry the HSV1. The woman I had sex with has HSV2. There was genital to genital foreplay before sex. I am aware of shedding and that is my concern. As for retesting I know I will have to wait a few months to get a more accurate result.

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Like I said above, researchers seem to think that having a long standing oral HSV1 makes you a little bit more immune than someone that does not have herpes at all. So there is that in your favor. (That being said, I have known quite a few people that have both strains). You can get retested in a couple of months. That's pretty much where you stand at this point.


Also, I'm going to play devils advocate and assume that you've told her you have cold sores? Because if I'm not mistaken, oral HSV1 sheds almost the same as genital HSV2. And some researchers actually believe that Oral HSV1 is more dangerous than HSV2. Just some food for thought.

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In the meantime given the lower riisk with the valtrex, but w the genital touching, would it be better to act as if until being tested. or can I go on having protected sex and not being overtly concerned until being tested later

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I agree with the girls, If it's the same partner I would use protection until I was able to get tested. A new partner- protected sex again would be best. And like katidid said, you might want to warn her that you've been exposed.


I see you didn't answer my question- are you informing your partners that you have HSV1? I know that the opinion of cold sores varies, however, there are quite a few people that now have genital HSV1 from someone that had oral HSV1.

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I am not as worried but will still be concerned until I can get tested later. I was not told until after the heavy foreplay of her status. by that time there had already been intimate contact. I probably would have waited to have sex had I known. Taking all into consideration, the genital touching, heavy foreplay, but her being on valtrex for a month and symptoms free would you say I have anything serious to worry about

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AH, I thought you were aware of her status beforehand. So sorry, I thought that you were second guessing a decision that you made fully informed.


I don't think that you have anything serious to worry about. I would get tested though, to be sure. Unfortunately, you just never know.

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Just to point out - you say you don't have HSV2 ...have you *specifically* asked for the test in the past with your STD tests? Because if not odds are you have not been tested for it. Standard "Full STD" tests *Don't* include Herpes. :(


If you get tested now and you have a positive result, it means you've had H more than 4 months. Just want to make sure you are aware of that.


And your risk of getting H without any precautions as a male is 5% over the course of a year ... condoms and anti-virals reduce that risk by 50% EACH - so your odds of having got something from her are pretty tiny....


Also, it only takes 10 days on the anti-virals to get them up to enough in the system to do their job effectively.


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