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Sex after herpes

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Since my first outbreak, my vagina has not let my boyfriend's penis go in, even with lube. We've tried several times over around a three month period, my outbreak was four months ago. We hadn't had sex before herpes came along and I hadn't had very much sex in general before him but had only had that kind of problem once with someone else and that was just due to dryness. Have seen a lot of discussions on the internet started by people with herpes reporting pain after sex outside of outbreaks - I'm wondering if any other females have had this problem and if it is likely to be linked to the herpes? Did it got away after a while?

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Hi Derpes,


I am not sure what's causing sex to be difficult, but I really doubt that it's due to a herpes outbreak 4 months ago. I'm surprised that you even tried lube and that didn't seem to help. hmm...

I've just never heard of herpes having that affect. I know that women can have pain during and after sex because of dryness. So, this is why I'm really surprised that the lube isn't helping.

As far as I know though, herpes comes and goes. It becomes present, then crusts over, and goes away. It doesn't have any effect after that, especially causing painful sex 3 months post having the outbreak.


I'm sry that I don't have the answer for what's causing this for you, but I just highly doubt it's because of herpes.

My best suggestion would be more foreplay to help loosen things up ;)

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I haven't heard about this much either. Have you gone to your doctor to see what might be going on down there?

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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Iknow what you mean...honestly though are you even wanting to have sex or is it because you have it that you mentally don't ? For me when it didn't work and it hurt was because my mental thought on having H iwas dirty and my sex drive changed. I wanted to but at the same time ididnt.

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