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Body sensitivity before/after herpes outbreaks?

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I and my boyfriend both have HSV 2. We still try and have a normal sex life, but for me I notice sex is starting to become painful. Every once in a while , when or around the time of an outbreak, the inside of my body has a burning and tingling feeling, making me extremely sensitive and raw.

Is this normal? Do other people with HSV experience this type of pain during intercourse?


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I get that too..actually I am having tingling sensations..I always have that sensation..ever since my 2nd outbreak last december..I think it is all in my head..weird because when I have my period, I don't have tingling sensations..but right after it's over, the tingling sensation is back..soooo weird!

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I KNOW!!! lol . I have to say my last outbreak ended a few days ago and geeze louise did I have burning and tingles . I heard something about involuntary muscle contractions (vaginal) that may be caused by HSV but I need to do a little more research.

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I am having an outbreak now..waaahh! Not taking any meds..just abreva and anti itch cream..lysine too and my regular vitamins..i can still walk hahaha! I know it will clear up on its own..but I hope it will happen before Monday haha! I guess I will have to talk to a doctor for prescription..well, when I have medical insurance already hahaha :)

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I have no idea how sex would affect me, haven't done the deed since being diagnosed.


I do know my back is more sensitive in the lower spinal region. I notice if I open or close a door or bump into something with that area that it tingle/mild pain in for a few minutes.

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Sorry I didn't get to this earlier ... I was at a hotel and the internet in the room was really poor and so I didn't get online as much... just noticed this got buried ...


I went through a spell many years ago where my labia would swell up a lot (had to use cold washcloths to get the swelling down) after sex. Didn't attribute it to the H 'cause I'd had it for awhile at the time. Looking back, I'd say that I needed more lube, because I rarely have an issue with it now and I'm definitely "wetter" now naturally ...


One thing - when you are having a rough spell with the sensations, use that time to find other ways to be intimate. H gives us the perfect excuse to find out inner vixen ;)

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