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So I’ve been feeling like I may be ready to start dating again. But at the same time I don’t know how to go about it. I feel if I go on a dating app I’m like hunter looking prey.... I feel like I’m looking for people to index, I know this isn’t the case but I can’t help feeling that way 

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I feel you @Jenn88. I’ve recently started to put myself out there online and at times feel the same way. I have to actively shift my mindset when that creeps in to remember all I’ve got to offer. But I am also finding I am much more focused going in to dating this time around. I have a better sense of what i actually want and what I’m willing to take time to look for. If something doesn’t click, move on and don’t worry about disclosure. If things seem like there could be potential, then I start stressing about when/how to disclose. So far, I’ve only tried that once and it went well, but relationship didn’t really pan out due to distance not H.

Good luck to you!

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You shouldn't feel like that, you are just looking to go on a date!

A hunter looking for there prey you could say is the same for normal dating, is it any different to going out on the pull 😉
It is only when you meet someone & you think it is getting to a time when you may become physical that you have to disclose.
So don't feel like that, just go out & date & hopefully you will find someone that you want to disclose too.

Good Luck dating!



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The crazy thing is we give ourselves such a hard time before evening knowing if it’s someone we truly want in our life. Just because we have H don’t makes us unworthy of love. Also there are ton of ppl that have H and don’t even know it. I totally understand what your saying but we have really sit back and think about this, as long as we are honest about what we have because everyone deserves that .. and only to someone that u think could possibly lead into more. I’m not telling someone on my first date and probably not my second or third when I feel I’m ready to tell them and obviously before any sexual contact. Just give yourself more worth you deserve that. Your still the beautiful same person as before just have this to deal with. 

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