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All those with GHSV1 Recurrences please respond!!

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So - I have read everything Terri Warren talks about and her handbook.. I’ve even paid money to have my questions answered (which she does). She has repeatedly said to me she has never seen anyone with GHSV 1 get worse. BUT. I have had GHSV 1 for 6 years now. First year big first outbreak and a couple of small others, then it all died down and a couple  of completely minor outbreaks over 5 years that really were no worse than a pin prick and gone in 3-5 days with no anti virals. 

Cut to this year. A LOT of stress, anxiety, emotional distress due to various life events, an over active mind etc. Plus I stupidly took sleeping pills which actually make my sleep lest restful and my low moods lower (been off them for 7 months now). So i am having outbreaks every 2-3 months. Which are not horrendous, but a bit worse than the mild ones I’ve experienced over the 6 years. I’ve had them swabbed PCR DNA every time comes back with HSV 1. `The supposedly milder form.

Terri Warren is great, to an extent, but it seems to me the doctors dont really take into account the real experiences... They all say it gets better over time etc - they never mention it may flare up to be worse for a bit. So all those with real life experience of this - I am getting myself back on track - working on the anxiety, lifestyle etc - has anyone had similar experiences of it flaring up and then once you\ve got things in order within yourself the virus going back to its ‘typical’ personal pattern?

The cycle feels difficult to break right now. I took Valacyclovir for the most recent outbreak (first time antiviral) and so far it seems to have stopped the bump from opening and dying down pretty quick, which frankly helps to feel like maybe I finally have a little control over this supposedly minor skin issue! 

Would love to hear from you xx

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I have had breakouts weekly and will be going to by gyno to discuss this with her (got this about 3 months ago now, first outbreak probably happened about a month in, not painful but just “uncomfy” all the time and it’s a constant reminder) 

i don’t know if she know a lot about this but I’m scared taking antivirals will allow the virus to mutate and become more resistant and then my outbreaks will be worse in the long run

but that may be crazy talk lol

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Had my first ghsv 1 OB this past August . nothing crazy , single bump that completely healed in a month or so . was good all october and November up until some itching yesterday . looks slightly red down there and looks like theres some tiny bumps but ill see how it goes. Last OB i had some nerve pain but thats subsided and this hopefully minor OB isnt too bad =/ just took valtrex for the first time since august even tho im not a fan of its side effects on my body 

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@vihsv1 So after i took my first dose yesterday , i started feeling a little funny in my head . i could compare it to a light headed feeling but its not too intense but its there . last august when i was taking 2 anti viral doses a day , i would feel kidney pain and slight nausea.

Im not sure if the anxiety plus stress and still accepting the diagnosis were to blame, as well as my body reacting to new antibiotics . also im not a fan of pharmaceuticals but thats just personal preference . im considering not taking any more valtrex if this OB continues . only took it cause this second OB really took me by surprise . i didnt have any of the symptoms ive had before, it just kinda happened :/ 

What do you feel when you take your anti virals ? 

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