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Have I caught herpes? Or another STI?

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I wrote on this forum a few months ago thinking I had herpes (but I didn’t - well at least I didn’t have reason to believe I did) 

Anyway moving forward I should’ve been safer with sex from that scare and I was for a while until a drunken night out last night. I slept with a girl without using protection and I’m not sure how clean she is since I’ve heard she sleeps around. Big mistake. Today I’ve had these red rashes appear, mostly surrounding the pubic hair towards my thigh. Most of them look like red spots grouped together. There is little irritation though. 

Could I have contracted HSV from her? Would a reaction appear this soon after exposure? Or if it isn’t herpes what else could it be? 

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I;m so sorry Alisonbr you have this.but like I told Ismael he won't know nothing unless he goes and gets tested.that's the only thing thing that will set his mind at ease. getting tested is a scary thing. I had to wait 9 days for my test results. I was terrified.thank God it was negative. remember Ismael happy thoughts.hugs to you Alisonbr.

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I am going tomorrow because I need to know once and for all what I have. The symptoms have started clearing up over the weekend but I still have what I believe is a genital wart so I will ask them about that and the possibility of herpes as well. 

I’m scared and my anxiety is through the roof but it’s worse not knowing my status. I just hope I get the help and support I need because I’m in my final year of university and I don’t want to fail because of this.

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if your blisters are healing there's no use in getting it swabbed because it will come back negative. I  would ask about the warts. you really do need to set your mind at ease. you need to know either way. if you turn out to be positive we are here for you. maybe you should take someone with you to help you with this anxiety.hugs. Sarah

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