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Where do I even begin. Prior to my first herpes outbreak, I have always been very health anxious and because of this it really makes dealing with Herpes worst. I was diagnosed the beginning of March, with genital HSV-1. I was happy because this was not the type where it was more reoccurring, but still understood that it is genital herpes and it is not certain that I will not have another outbreak. I shaved myself for the first time since my outbreak last week and to add on got my monthly friend. So I am unsure if it was a combination of the monthly friend and the shaving irritation that could have potentially triggered another outbreak. However on 4/19, I felt that tingling sensation down there and I had an itch  (like a yeast infection) and I panicked and took the Valtrex just in case. I have finished the Valtrex 2 days ago, and I am still very itchy down there which to be honest I feel like ever since my outbreak I have had some type of itch. I feel as if I am never going to be normal down there cause it has not been 100% since my initial outbreak. Like I said I know HSV-1 is less severe of the types, but is it common that 1 month after my initial outbreak, I feel as if I am getting another one? Because of my health anxiety, it makes me believe that anything out of the ordinary, such as a little itch, is going to be an outbreak. On top of the itch, I do feel myself still getting shooting pains, and I was told that was nerve pain, but does that settle? Also I feel very achy in my legs at times.


I am very new to Herpes, and I may be a little uneducated, but my gyno said that my first outbreak could be my only one/may have another years from now. Has anyone else had this issue with HSV-1 genital? Or does it not matter what type you have, an outbreak will happen with whatever triggers it?

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Hi I'm new to this too. I've had a non stop outbreak since 6th April. Everyday there is pain or discomfort of some sort. It seems to go in cycles. I've had around 6 outbreaks so far this year. I don't have answers but didn't want the read and not say anything. I have type 1 as well. I'm at the end of my tether 😞

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I have oral and genital hsv1 and was diagnosed in October 2018. I’ve had the same exact symptoms since, every month right around my period. I’ve had multiple outbreaks since and to be honest I really don’t know how many. I have had the constant itch, swollen sensation and pain.  I used to get really bad prodromal symptoms but it has Improved recently. I used to have an ongoing sore throat and couldn’t get out of bed. Had the fog brain three times a week.  I’ve only had one week of feeling normal down there. My doc put me on valtrex 1gm a day two months ago and I can say it has improved slightly but I’m still getting outbreaks.  I’m on lysine, B complex , vitamin c and e, and zinc. I exercise regularly (5 to 6 times a week) and am in good shape. I eat well. I’ve avoided the trigger foods and have been mindful of my arginine intake. I’ve heard that the itching and tingling sensations go away after 6+months. It has improved slightly for me but hasn’t gone away completely. I’m also 47 yo and have been told that my immune system is not as strong as say a 20 yo. Maybe this is why I’m getting reoccurring outbreaks??  Not sure. This virus has really broken me down, in so many ways.  

On occasion, even while on valtrex, I’ll get one red bump on my chest or neck. It usually goes away or never really develops into a dull blister if I immediately apply tea tree oil on it. 

Hang in there. I totally empathize. I pray this this gets better for all of us. 

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Thank you guys for sharing, I will definitely follow up after my gyno visit on Monday. Hopefully she can give me some more answers and maybe some help with taming the outbreaks. I also just want to make sure that I do not have any underlying problems such as yeast or BV. I was diagnosed with BV at the same time I was diagnosed with herpes, and was only given antivirals so we will see. I guess I am just bummed out cause I kinda feel like the information my gyno gave me was misleading, I really thought it would be one outbreak and done. However I still do not know if the tingling I was having was an outbreak, but they said when you feel that to take the Valtrex so I did. I guess this is the start of me learning how the virus and my body are going to coexist.


Praying for all of us. Just want to feel normal again. When my lady parts are not doing well, my self confidence tanks. I understand the broken part,  you are not alone. 

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I have had ghsv1 since July 2018. For the first 3 mths I took antivirals and was doing well other then developing side effects from the antivirals. I went off them and that’s when I started to develop a slight outbreak and nerve pain. I still get irration at time from working out and take my antivirals from time to time to try to ease the symptoms. I haven’t had another outbreak but the tingling and irritation and nerve pain still exist. I think it can be worse when I shave so I have to be aware of that now.. never had a problem before H. It has taken a toll on me emotionally and probably why I still develop issues with it. I take handful of supplements to keep my immune system up but this has been the worse thing ever. I heard it’s the milder form as well. I also heard it can take up to a year for it to calm down in your system too. 

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I’m sorry your all going through this. 

I’m going through the same thing unfortunately. I’m a male though 

This is so frustrating, when I was diagnosed in January of this year by swab for ghsv1 all I read is how it’s one of the least active herpes aside from oral hsv2 and also read that it might be a one shot deal claiming after the primary outbreak you have a chance of never recurring but this has been far from the truth for me. I’ve had recurring lesions and the itching down there has never went away since my diagnosis. It has literally destroyed my life. My mental health has taken such a tremendous hit I can’t even explain. Well I’m sure you guys understand. My coworkers can see a change and anyone I’ve been around. I had one co-worker bluntly tell me I went down the past few months. I just can’t be open about this. 

Im hoping the recurrences are because we don’t have the antibodies to fight it yet. Hopefully our immune system gets a grip on it but I just don’t know. 

Could the history of ghsv1 be evolving since so many of us are suffering on a daily basis? Maybe it does like to live in the genital tract and not true what the experts claim about it not liking to live down there. There is not much research it seams on ghsv1 which frustrates me. I just don’t know anymore. Frustrated to hell. Dont even feel like a man anymore. 

To top it all off my body has went crazy with excema when I contracted this virus. I’m literally itching from head to toe. Dermatologist can’t figure it out. I always had silky smooth blemish free skin aside from when lichen planus attacked my skin but that wasn’t nearly as notable and basically went into remission a long time ago. 

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