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  1. How soon after starting antivirals do they become effective in reducing the likelihood of transmission?
  2. If it wasn’t for the stigma I think we wouldn’t be having half the mental battle we experience! I keep telling myself things could be worse x
  3. Thank you ❤️ Hope you are doing ok.
  4. That’s exactly where! Except only on one side where I had my initial outbreak. How long did it take for you not to have it anymore? It’s such an annoying ache!
  5. I know right! It’s a pain in the arse... quite literally lol
  6. Hi all I keep getting an ache in my left butt cheek every few weeks. I never noticed this prior to my diagnosis. However, I get the sharp ache but no outbreak. Is this normal and do prodrome symptoms indicate shedding? Does anyone have any advice with managing the pain? I'm just not sure if I’m being hyper vigilant since diagnosis!! Would be greatful for some advice. Thanks.
  7. I personally wouldn’t use the word immunity as that could be confusing. I would say “I have acquired a virus which causes cold sores down below/herpes”... that way you’re not using those heavily stigmatised words but are being clear. 🙂
  8. Hey all. I just wanted to share my opinion. I was diagnosed 2 months ago and up until now I was completely devastated. Like many, not scared of the effects of the virus itself but the stigma and impact it would have on future relationships. What has helped me is opening up to close friends. I’ve disclosed to 6 friends and had no negative responses- 1 even disclosed they have hsv2 and 3 said they have cold sores on the mouth. What also has helped is reading as much as possible - knowledge IS power. Now I feel like I am prepared to make a disclosure if it c
  9. I’ve read that tea tree oil or chamomile oil helps (make sure to dilute with water first).
  10. Nutella is also my thing! I still eat it and it hasn’t caused me any issues so far. I suppose every one is different though. My advice is treat yourself as it is something you enjoy, just don’t over indulge (if Nutella is something that triggers outbreaks for you).
  11. I would advise that accept it for what it is right now and carry on dating other people (I mean he is dating other people).. that way you can’t get disappointed or put your life on hold for him. It also may make you seem more attractive to him when he sees that you’re not waiting around for him and you’re getting on with your life. You could continue to hang out as friends and perhaps the topic of H will come up again and that will give you an opportunity to mention th transmission rates. Hope of it works out for you. You did the right thing disclosing and it must’ve been in
  12. Hey Anybody from the UK? I’m 27 and female. Happy to chat to anyone who wants to have a buddy. i was diagnosed 2 months ago and it’s been a struggle to say the least . HOWEVER this site has made things so much better already! please feel free to message me ☺️
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