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Genital herpes, HSV-1 difference from genital herpes, HSV-2?

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Okay last post for the night I promise. I know have mentioned this before but in still very confused do I decided to do a whole question on it. I have genital HSV-1 now my dr basically laughed it off when I asked how 1 and 2 were different and said there's no difference they are the same thing and she doesn't know why they aren't considered as one type all together now I've been reading different things and do not know what to believe people say hsv 1 is less painful with less breakouts or shedding I don't know what to believe I would like to look at the bright side and say I have the better of the two if I have to have it at all ( no offense to anyone with HSV2 ) I just need come clarity please

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Let me guess - your Dr is your GP, not an OBGYN???? If I am right, I'd go to an OBGYN to get better support. Your Dr is woefully behind on his Herpes info... I'd take the handouts to your current Dr and show him the FACTS. He also seems pretty insensitive. I'm not sure I'd want to stick with that Dr.


I'm guessing that he thinks that because we now know that HSV1 can transmit to the genitals that there is no reason to clarify what you have. The problem is, if you don't know which one you have you don't know what areas might be more prone to have a higher risk of transmission (in your case, HSV1 would transfer to the mouth more easily than the genitals) AND in your case, HSV1 will have a lower risk of transference than HSV2 because it doesn't shed as much.


And even if this isn't a "big deal" to him, it IS to you and a good Dr will be sensitive to that and give you more accurate info and be more empathic to your fears and concerns.


I would print these out and read them well then take them to the Dr and...er... educate him. In fact, take a stack of the handouts (if you can print out a bunch) and tell him to shut up and just hand them out (ok, I guess you can't tell him to shut up, but perhaps suggest that there is "new" info that people might want to know...LOL).






Disclosure e-book:



One of my goals (and I am working with Adrial on this) is to educate the Dr's about how to deal with folks who are newly diagnosed. I hear waaaaay too many of these stories and I hope we can change the way they handle their H+ patients.... They are often a big part of the reason people are freaking out.... facts are easier to deal with than unclear info and/or a Dr who seems indifferent to their fears :(

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Wow, never ceases to amaze me that instead of a doctor honestly saying "I don't actually know ... Let me do some research on that" the doc would rather just laugh it off and say something that is outright wrong to make it seem like they know what they're talking about. :) Well, there is quite a big difference between genital HSV-1 and genital HSV-2. Not based on how herpes shows up on your skin as far as outbreaks go, but as far as how often herpes will asymptomatically shed (viral shedding) and how often you will have outbreaks. Genital HSV-1 sheds 20% as much as genital HSV-2; in other words, genital HSV-2 sheds 5x more than genital HSV-1 (3-5% genital HSV-1 vs. 15-30% genital HSV-2). HSV-1 simply prefers the oral region to set up shop and HSV-2 simply prefers genitals. That's why the shedding rates vary depending on which strain of herpes is in which physical environment. All of this info and more is all broken down on our handouts that WCS linked to above. So as far as transmission rates, they are quite different. As far as the disclosure talk goes, they are quite different. As far as how an actual outbreak will look and feel, they aren't all that different (other than genital HSV-1 outbreaks seeming to be less intense than genital HSV-2 outbreaks, but you wouldn't know the difference anyway since you'd have nothing to compare to).


So yes, to answer your most recent question, from all the studies they've done, it does seem that genital HSV-1 has less outbreaks vs. genital HSV-2, simply because outbreaks occur when viral shedding loads up enough on the skin to create a visible outbreak. But as I said above, it won't change how you relate to having herpes: You'll still take care of your immune system, keep a healthy body and mind and all that other good stuff so you can minimize outbreaks no matter what strain you have. It just really comes into play as something to tell your potential partners in the "what's at risk?" conversation in the herpes talk.


Here are some related blog articles:




This content is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis. I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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I have HSV1 genitally too. And being as that I have heard stress is the number one trigger, this last week of my life has been quite traumatic, from my mother going behind my back to talk to the guy who gave me this, moving out of my home for her who doing so, to him no longer wanting to be with me because of her running her mouth, to having a total mental breakdown last Tuesday. I am fairly shocked that I have not had a breakout yet. I have my fingers crossed that I am lucky and not going to breakout again, but I understand your confusion. There is very little that I have been able to find on the internet regarding HSV1 genitally. All I see is HSV2 HSV2 HSV2. The world needs to be better informed and I have started becoming more open and telling people, because I am pissed about the stigma. I am not dirty. I am not a whore. I am not some freak. The guy who gave it to me went down on me without sex and that's how I got it and the SOB left me after being with me for a month saying he would stay with me, when I gave him his out as soon as I was diagnosed, we did end up sleeping together after my initial outbreak cleared and he didn't catch it, we did use condoms and I am on Valtrex, but my body doesn't have a great of supply of antibodies yet so just think about that, and I still didn't pass it. From what I have been able to find, it's harder to give to men, this kind. We breakout less than HSV2 buddies. They tend to be less severe. SOME people with HSV1 never experience another outbreak, knocking on wood. They look the same when they breakout, that's about all I have found in similarities between the two.

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DBT said:


"The world needs to be better informed and I have started becoming more open and telling people, because I am pissed about the stigma. I am not dirty. I am not a whore. I am not some freak."


Amen Sister!!!!!!


The crazy thing is people will talk about HIV openly - it's in the press and people will talk about the "latest info", but mention the "H" word and suddenly people are whispering and talking behind closed doors. How fucked up is that???


Congratulations on taking the brave step (even tho you may feel you were pushed!) to come out of the closet. ( I sorta felt pushed too after one too many "walk after the talk" experiences :) ). Your ex walked because he is ignorant and doesn't want to be blamed or associated with Herpes because of the stigma that society puts on H. It is in our hands to be a force for change in the way society views Herpes and STD's in general. You go girl!


The more we openly talk about it, and insist that we are not "dirty freaks and whores", the less the stigma will have a hold on us.


One step. One talk. One person at a time.


And I am so sorry that your mother violated your trust like that. What she did was wrong ... but look at it that you now are taking a stand to reduce the stigma. You are standing tall in the face of a HUGE challenge and you are being a great example for others who may be hiding in the shadows. Everything happens for a reason. Perhaps the universe sees you as a leader in the campaign to make a change around the current Herpes Paradigm :)


(((HUGS))) and Peace

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Thank yall. Thank yall. Thank yall. Ya know, he is the one who gave it to me. He should be willing to do something. That's all I am saying. But I'm done hiding this. Me and him had dinner last night because I offered the "please hang out with me one night a week until I am ready to date again and don't want to be lonely." Kind of like, my last attempt to make him have some sort of responsibility. It has lit a huge fire under my ass since he won't. And I am sick and tired of feeling like I am a bad person because of this. I am a beautiful person and deserve to be treated like I am special. He is a DICK. A big one. And I hope that one day he will feel just one ounce of guilt or remorse. Sorry for running your post about HSV1 and HSV2 differences into my own little venting thing. I made a thread about it so I would stop. haha.

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I've always been a firm believer in karma and he will get what he puts out maybe even worse. I've though lt about putting the guy out on blast on the internet that did it to me or going to the police and having him incarcerated for intentional spread of herpes. I've had a bunch of crazhly ideas floating in my head. But now that I've calmed down and reassessed the situation I'm just like fuck it. karma will get his ass. justvlike karma will get that man's sad sorry ass that did it to you. I was so angry at first i fantasized about chopping his penis off lmao. I found myself singing sweeny todd musicals around the house haha. My mystical meat pies would have had a lil something extra ms. lovetts pies didnt quite have bahaha. Anyhow i was in a very bad mindset needless to say but i got over it. And you will too. You are very beautiful. Don't let your anger and bitterness consume that.

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@peachyogurtisawesome Thank you for the compliment. I just figured I am going to be brave and post my picture and not be ashamed of myself. I know how you feel, I have had many many bad bad thoughts. Your post made me laugh, because I had some crazy crazy thoughts too. I needed that. I believe in karma too, but the strange thing is is that he doesn't think it's wrong. That is what totally mind blows me. To me and to most people who know about this think its wrong. But karma will have its day, and I leave it in the hands of the one who deals karma.

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Girl i was a wreck lol. I don't think i would have been able to get over all the hate i had for that guy as fast as i did if it weren't for seeing this support group and hearing about the people here and realizing I'm still perfectly normal with ups and downs like all of us here. I havnt even been worried about guys that much here lately. I've been looking into making candles. It seems like it will be pretty fun. Maybe after doing this ill get a pottery wheel and learn that lol. I've been there though with wanting to just hurt the guy and myself too. but its gotten a lot better. and its gonna get better don't worry.

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