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You've been double dog dared

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Hey You! Yeah, you. The person reading this. That's right, the one who's anonymously reading this post from the safety of your home computer. Yeah, you know who you are. You're sitting there reading through this forum gleaning information from others who are dealing with the same things you are. Maybe you're newly diagnosed. Maybe you've known for 20 years and are finally reaching out for help. Heck, maybe you've met the person of your dreams and you're actively trying to understand what he/she's dealing with and trying to find ways to support them.


Well, stop being wallflowers.


Every day thousands of people come on here and read through the postings. Why is that? It's because this is the best, most open, most honest, most sincere herpes specific forum on the internet. This place is like Cheers and you can choose to be Sam, Norman, Cliff, or Frasier because this is the one place in the world right now where you can come to feel completely relaxed and safe discussing whatever you want to. There's no beer, no pool table, and no Boston accents (Go Yankees!) but the conversations are definitely interesting and full of information.


Most importantly, you have something to add to the conversation. You have your own experience, your own insights, your own compassionate words of wisdom, strength, and courage to share. And, there are people out there who need to hear you speak and listen to everything you say. There are people out there that want to speak with you to guide you, and be guided by you.


Currently there are 50-60 million Americans who live with genital herpes, and between 70-80% has the more socially acceptable HSV1. Globally, there are over 540 million living with HSV2, and an untold number with HSV1. You Canadians, Aussie's, Kiwi's, and Brits reading this are welcome to join in the discussion, just remember we stopped speaking the Queen's a long time ago and will rebuff words like colour, flavour, and for goodness sake, crisps are chips, and chips are French fries.


There are lots of people who want to hear what you have to say. They want to know they're not alone in their feelings, their emotions, their ways of coping and moving ahead with our virally enhanced lives. Seriously, it's such a big market I'm surprised Apple hasn't introduced the iHerp for all of us to get connected through.


I joined a little over a month ago. It's been the best decision I could have made. So, here's my dog dare to everyone reading this.


1. Create an account.

2. Write your story up and share it.

3. Ask your questions, and remember that nothing is out of bounds, off limits, or taboo. We're all adults, and almost all of us have herpes because we did the mattress mambo with someone who gifted us with it.


And the double dog dare....


4. Post a photo to your profile. Put a face to a name. You are a beautiful person, and this little virus doesn't change that. Stand up to it by showing off your smile, by showing others just how deep a blue your eyes are, and how the dimples on your cheeks highlight an inner light that is flickering in the winds of change you're going through. Do it not for everyone who might see your photo, but do it for yourself so that you will begin to regain the confidence that's buried inside you right now. If you're worried about "being outed" by doing this, consider this fact; 99.9% of the people coming to this forum are dealing with exactly the same things you are. The same feelings. The same emotions. The same pain and guilt. And, not a single one of us would ever do that to another person; even on the extremely remote chance we saw a face we knew. The secret in your eyes that we see will still be a secret to the world beyond this forum, and if we did know you, you can rest assured we'd reach out to you beyond the walls of this forum.


And, the triple dog dare.


5. JustSmile really wants to see someone dancing around in blue war paint and a kilt. We're hoping it's a phase she's going through, but we're not sure right now. For now, I guarantee you that if you do this and post it to YouTube, she will be your friend for life.

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The iHerp....


Puppies and Kittens again (because every commercial about a drug or disease has them). Scene focuses on a silhouette of a person in a darkened room..


Dennis Haysbert starts the voiceover (Hey, his voice is sexy.... humor me!)


Feeling alone, afraid, and in the dark about your H status??


Well now there is the iHerp ... helping you share your feelings faster than you can download a pirated Brittney Spears song. At speeds of 50 million gps, you will be able to store all your negative emotions into one safe, secure site, while uploading masses of facts and information at the speed of light. And our patented Marshall's Tough Love Support System™ will be standing by, waiting to help you rid your system of Corrupted Files. While we can't remove the nasty viruses from your body we can guarantee to clean up your internal dialog and get you back on your feet in no time.


**Certain restrictions apply. See instructions for details.


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Okay, challenge accepted. I was nervous to put my photo up too, but nowhere else will I be so accepted than here with all of you. It's kind of old so an update may be to follow later. 2014 is definitely my year of change, so much in just the last 2 weeks, can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of the year. p.s. love the thread about dinner out, would definitely be hilarious!

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