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"So I looked up HSV-2 last night…"

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While I was talking to my new boyfriend last night he said those words I dread. " I did some research on HSV-2 last night." He even followed it up with "You are really fantastic." My heart dropped tho my stomach and I quickly asked him if those words were going to be followed with "…but I can't risk it." That's how the conversation has started in the past. I prepared myself for the worst. I don't think I can go through that again right now.


He sounded very surprised and said "what? no? Why would you think that?" After I explained my hesitations he said that he wanted to be adult about everything and do the research. He had a few questions that we looked up together over the phone. I directed him to this site, since there is so much wonderful information! He told me that he would like for us to do it together. I love that he respects the fact I post on here often and is respecting my privacy.


I'm posting this story for two reasons.


1. Encouragement! Keep talking about it even after the first talk. Having a relationship this open has been amazing.


2. Questions. What sites do you get your most reliable information from? Something I can give to him if he has more questions. Since you use the site would you direct your H- partner to also use it for information?



*** ( Dancer - I know you are going to be reading this and I have an update for you. He officially asked me to be in a committed relationship with him today!) ***

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I really really love this. (: I am so glad when I heard about this. He did the research and that is good. It is good do do the research even if you do not have the virus yourself. It helps you become more understanding.. A lot of the stigma comes from not being uneducated ! He is obviously a good catch. (:


You can look up on the CDC... I remember that was where my boyfriend got a lot of his information.. From the Center for Disease Control. && there was a big packed that my doctor sent me through the mail ALL ABOUT HERPES.. Maybe I can forward it to you also. <3 Good job love !

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Yaaaaaayyyyyy! Squeeeeeeee!!!!! So happy for you!


So yes - Websites... personally I think you can get most of what you need on here with the handouts and such but I know many of us have done "extra" research soo


The CDC is a great site - you can't deny their facts and it's very well written



This is an interesting POV on all the STD"s



And before I discovered this place, this was the place I sent people for info - they have a great booklet and they have a nurse there who is a well respected authority on the disease



And finally - this is the University where the Western Blot test is processed..



And don't forget we have a place for H- folks here :)


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Victoria I'm sure you are tired of hearing about him by now :D lol. He is a catch. Im still amazed he picked me. That would be AWESOME! My dr didn't give me anything :(


Herry thank you :) so far I've been on cloud nine constantly. It's at the point I'm annoying myself lol. I have a feeling he's 1 of 6 but we are taking things slow right now. :) I hope things are going well for you as well.

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Ah sooooo happy for you!!!!!! This site is pretty awsome I ended up sharing a few articles with my boyfriend that I found on here but never cruised the forums. I read my herpes story I posted on Herr for him the one night since he had never heard the whole thing before. Open communication is so hard to come by in my experience so I'm so happy for you and I hope to hear more success stories from you!!! <3

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Thank you both! I am literally over the moon about this. I haven't felt this way about a man since my last serious relationship. While it's scary it is also thrilling. I'm falling head over heels. I couldn't even stop myself if I tried.


He's coming to stay the night this weekend. I've been on Valtrex for over a week, haven't had any weird feelings, and we are all stocked up on protection (I overstock now that I want things to be different)


Should I be ok on the viral shedding?

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