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NEEDING buddies who can RELATE!!

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Hey Everyone,

My name's Taylor I'm 20 and found out I had Hv2 4 months ago. I'm not ready to put my whole story out there due to how long it is. But here's a cliff notes version.


Long story very short, I was dating someone who lied and was completely fake about everything. I dated him for 5 months and can honestly say that I don't know anything about him. Everything he told me was a lie and on top of that he stole from me, cheated and threatened my life for leaving him. I can get over guys. That isn't what broke my heart. The hardest thing about my story is the fact that I lost my 2 best friends in all of this. They knew the whole time that he was cheating on me with the mother of his child and to protect themselves, didn't tell me until I found out on my own. Sadly if my friends would have been my real friends and told me about my EX cheating when they first found out I wouldn't have Hv2. So, when I finally found out for myself I ended things with all 3 of the people who were closest to me at the time. I scheduled the doctors appointment and 1 week later my Grandpa passed away the week after that while I was at work; my doctor gave me the news. I went to the bathroom broke down and asked for the rest of the day off. Needless to say I was heart broken and felt completely alone. I'm Christian and love my family and the real friends I have left. But, on the drive home that day the only thing I could think of is driving my vehicle into the Ohio river.


I'm a very open person so I've told more than a handful of my friends plus a few people that I've dated afterwards. I'm a big believer in that this will only make me stronger and smarter. I'm also very big on protecting my Ego so admitting I need help or that I can't handle something on my own is very hard for me to admit. My friends are very supportive but, none of them truly understand since none of them have this "gift" for themselves.


I'm not looking for apologies or tears. I just want to talk to others that actually know what I'm going through. I would gladly listen to anyone who cares to share with me. (:

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Hello and welcome! You have found the right place for loving support and many, many on here will relate to your story in some way or other. I'm dealing with some issues (non- H related) so I have to get off here but I know plenty of other people will pop in and say hi and share their stories.



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Thank you for sharing :) Opening up to people who know what you are going through is a huge first step in really accepting and becoming ok with everything. I felt the same way after I found out. I had been lied to and now "my life was ruined". None of my friends knew the guy, but my cousin did. I have a feeling that she knew he was more than bad news, but she didn't try to stop anything. Her reasoning was that I was an adult. She and I don't talk very much anymore.


I'm also in Ohio, so if you ever need to talk face to face we could probably make that happen.


Keep your head up :)


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Thanks for sharing your story and being so open.... I'm like you...a strong person and feel I can cope alone...but I can't really and even 5 years later I'm still not. But coming on here helps and also makes you realise how much we're not alone when weve got this forum. Losing friends is very difficult too....always sad...I can imagine you feel pretty shitty...so just to say...you've got my empathy and I hope you're doing be ok :) x

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