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Now that I'm single....gonna try and get off the herpes meds

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I've been on daily meds for 2 months now, since my diagnosis/first outbreak and now that I'm newly single, I'm thinking of trying life without the meds. Plus because they're freaking expensive. Will it really help my body get the antibodies faster? Is this a good idea? I'm concerned about fatigue and OBs of course. I'm a cyclist but I've pretty much had to give that up anyway since the irritation and pressure on my back and legs just isn't worth it. It was my favorite workout too :(


Any suggestions/tips on how to get thru?

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Maybe dont go cold turkey off the meds? Cut them in half.. try half doses for a week see how ur body does. Then stop? Certain stresses like immidiate changes to meds/diet/excersise etc can have an affect on our bodies, especially with h!


Dont give up in cycling! Gotta keep doing what u enjoy! Life is too short to just give up in yput happiness!

Good luck!


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I feel you on the cycling part. But don't give up on it! Follow words of Willow and cut the meds in half because it is a medication that builds up in the blood-stream and going cold turkey will most likely feel like hitting a brick wall on an icy road.


Worst comes to worst you can get one of those neat cycles with the lounging chair! Sure it's not a track bike and sure you most likely wont be hitting 25-30 on it but atleast it will be comfortable!

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Thanks Willow & VirusEnhanced....maybe I better rethink and keep on with them. I do feel better when I take them, but it seems like I need a high dose (1000, sometimes 1500). And sinced I hate drugs of any kind, guess I thought if I stopped I could speed up antibody making time. Impatience at it's finest.


haha on the lounger bike. i cant even imagine lol! (sadly this time last yr i was so fit! and getting ready to step on the 3rd place podium block. i miss my biking legs and century rides soo soo much)

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If you do com eoff, I agree that you should wean off..


As far as expense, google "Online RX card" or "Online prescription card" ... they are free and can save you up to 60% on the bill .. my acyclovir is maybe $12/month I think when I'm on it ..


I'm not on them but if I feel an OB coming on I take double dose for maybe 2 days and it knocks it right back. Hopefully yours will start to settle down soon so you can bike again.... :)



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Yes - often a doctor will put someone on a double or triple dose when they are first diagnosed if the OB is severe ... so you are ok with that.... the faster you halt the replication of the virus, the faster your body can kill off the remaining ones that are floating around.


If they ever find a way to reach the ones who stayed in their ganglion homes we'd have a cure ;)

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